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The one that denies they are being homophobic by hiding behind their religion and Erick Ericksson demonstrates this perfectly today

The title

I Have No Problem With the Boy Scouts’ Decision
Oh yes you do, stop lying. He won't let his son mix with icky people, but oh noes he is not homophobic and anyone saying he is, is just being liberal and shit.
To be sure, being gay is not a sin. All of us have temptations. But to act on that temptation and engage in sin, is sinful.
Yes one must learn to go against ones nature to satisfy Erick that you are not one of the icky gay people who actually are gay and could be his friend if only you weren't gay.
While being gay in and of itself is not a sin, we fool ourselves to think that secular society does not rapidly then move to the act itself as another form of normal.
Just none of that icky gay stuff is all I am saying.
We live in a day and age when the Christian call to love the sinner, but hate the sin, conflicts with the world’s call to love the sinner and his sin. That is a bridge too far for me.
Gays being gay is just too much!
I do not worry about them interacting with and having gay friends. I have gay friends. But I do worry about a society that does not recognize homosexual practice as sin
As if I have repeated myself too much already, gay sex creeps me out.

Dear Erick you might consider yourself as being understanding, enlightened even when compared to the "God Hates Fags" crowd, but in fact you are worse since you try this old piece of rotting hypocrisy

I have gay friends.
It's just like the racists saying but, but I cant be racist because
I have black friends
Yes you too can be Erick's "gay friend" if only you would stop being gay, because you know he is not homophobic, oh noes, its just the icky loving stuff that Jesus freaks him out.

Hiding behind your religion is just pathetic, at least be honest.


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9:39 AM PT: A link h/t dansk47


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