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(YouTube screenshot Of Angry Audience Member. See Video Below)
Rush Limbaugh has been a one-man-show for a while, especially these last couple of years. Why? He likes it better when there is no one to challenge his hate-filled malign smut. Those who do call in now are presumed to be paid actors. They either praise him as if he were a god, or bring up a subject, Limbaugh is already prepared to put to bed.

Here is a pretty bizarre, and quite old video from his TV show. It shows Limbaugh losing complete control of his audience and most likely the reason he won't invite free speech onto his show today. Limbaugh starts the show talking about the women's rights organization NOW, and moves into an Idaho abortion ban victory. The crowd goes wild and he goes into the audience to talk with some of the people cheering.

The first woman he approaches looks to be thrilled. Then all of a sudden, she then lets into Limbaugh, accusing him for being responsible for women dying. She says he doesn't have to worry, he's not a woman, he'll never get pregnant or have an abortion. It's obvious this was not rehearsed. Another angry man stands up and begins a rant against Limbaugh as well. Rush looks befuddled. He goes to a commercial, comes back, and the heckling starts again. He goes to another commercial, but this time, when he returns, the entire audience is gone  they have been cleared from the studio. Spin doctor that he is, he brags about how his show is real and doesn't hide anything. (I guess that's why he send the audience home.)

I see videos like this and wonder how the man has stayed on the air this long. Over the years, many often said, "Just ignore him - he'll go way." But he didn't. The good news is now his protestors aren't going away. The determination and perseverance of the protesting groups, is incredible, between Boycott Rush Limbaugh, Left Action, Flush Rush, Stop Rush... and other smaller groups. Hundreds of thousands have joined the movement to rid public radio of hate speech and lies. People are joining everyday. They are not only boycotting Limbaugh sponsors, they are also contacting his radio stations, Clear Channel, iHeart recording artists, and the FCC.

No one is taking away Limbaugh's free speech (though many would like to). The goal is to get his misogyny, gay-hatred, racism and biogtry off our tax-paid public radio. Tax-paid, in that we are paying for the FCC to oversee the airways for hate speech/illegal activities. According to former FreedomWorks, executive, Dick Armey, Limbaugh and other talk radio hosts have received large sums to roll out right wing agenda and propaganda without the audience's knowledge. Perhaps the new FCC chair will do some investigating.

Talk show hosts get fired. Don Imus got fired for a racial remark. Bill Maher got fired from public tv for a politically-incorrect remark about the 911 attacks. Rush Limbaugh calls Sandra Fluke a slut and prostitute for three days, gets away with racism for almost three decades, and yet he remains...for now and for not much longer.

Anyone can join/support the protests/boycotts. It requires no money - just a small bit of time and spunk:

Sign: Limbaugh Petition

Join: Boycott Rush Limbaugh Group

Visit: The StopRush Database

Other groups include: FlushRush, Join The Fight To Flush Rush, Tell Rush Limbaugh's He's Full Of Crap, 1 Million Sluts Against Rush Limbaugh,
Thank You, Richard Myers. We Are Finishing This. Rest In Peace.

Daily Kos Dairy
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Originally posted to Leslie Salzillo on Mon May 27, 2013 at 01:47 PM PDT.

Also republished by Sluts.

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