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As I write this post, #GoodbyeGOP is the second top-most trend on Twitter. It was a trender for part of Saturday and Sunday, and has currently been trending for almost well over 24 hours straight. Here are just a few of the better tweets with this hash tag:

RT @SEP1157: #GoodbyeGOP Don't forget to close #Limbaugh's mouth on the way out.
RT @peaceforus4ever: The real scandal is how Republicans have devoted themselves to sabotaging our government #GoodByeGOP http://t.co/... #inners
RT @Sh1tTheGOPsays: #GoodbyeGOP because "The Bible said so" is not a valid political position in 2013.
RT @TheDailyEdge: You say corporations are people, as if a person would spill 80,000 gallons of oil on an Arkansas town #GoodbyeGOP http://t.co/...
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RT @TheDailyEdge: You say we're too broke to pay for disaster aid, but waste $55M on 37 useless votes to repeal Obamacare? #GoodbyeGOP http://t.co/...
RT @areyou0: Remember under George W. Bush they leaked information against a woman CIA agent that almost got her killed! #GoodbyeGOP
RT @Sttbs73: If you're too stupid to know the difference between gay and pedophile, you're a republican! #goodbyegop
#goodbyeGOP cause honestly what good have you done for us in the last 6 years
RT @a5carter: #GoodbyeGOP When you claim to be the party of family values then turn around and elect Mark Sanford. :( :( :(
RT @RepublicanSwine: #GoodbyeGOP You'd Rather Kick Families off Food Stamps Then Eliminate Even ONE Welfare Loophole For Exxon.
Because it feels right. #GoodbyeGOP
RT @koolking83: Because you think a 13 year path to citizenship is too easy, and a 5 minute background check is too burdensome #goodbyeGOP
#GoodbyeGOP is still trending? I guess people can't wait for them to leave.
Read them all here:

Or post your own - just add #GoodbyeGOP to your tweet, and voila!

From the comments, whoknu shared a pair of gems:

Richard Hine ‏@richardhine 21h
You think minorities should present an ID to vote, but billionaires should be allowed to buy elections using secret donations? #GoodbyeGOP
@TuxcedoCat DEMs believe Congress should be of the people, by the people and for the people. GOP believe corporations are the people. #GoodbyeGOP

2:24am ET - #GoodbyeGOP is now trending Worldwide. From twendr.com (a site that monitors twitter trends):

Jiah Khan
How To Lose 20lbs
Hit The Floor
True Life
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Originally posted to Animal Nuz on Mon Jun 03, 2013 at 04:34 PM PDT.

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