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In an interview with USA today (I tried to embed it, but it autoplays), Emperor of FitzWalkerStan Scott Walker predicted that the 2010 Tea Party Governors would win again in 2014 because they "solved the problems in their states" and "kept their promises".  

He also claimed that they were elected because of "voter frustration with government grown out of control particularly after the health care act, taxes and other things".  "I and others really focused on the economic and fiscal crises that each of our states and our country faced and that helped us capture the imagination of the voters".

He's right.  Throw enough BS around through friendly media publishing your propaganda and lies, hammering your opponents, and spend tens of millions of dollars on misleading ads which promise the sun, the moon and the sky above and you, too, can fool the voters.  Add to that totally obstructionist national Republicans that create endless gridlock and the GOP had a winning combination as Tea Baggers flocked to the polls and many of those disappointed by national Democrats stayed home.

He also went on to predict that Rick Scott, Republican Emperor of Florida, will also gain popularity and win re-election in 2014 because "it's hard to argue with results".  He said that all his fellow Republican Governors will prevail in 2014 because they have "markedly improved their states economically and fiscally".  Yes, he said that with a straight face because he's a very convincing and experienced liar.

He's such a convincing liar that The Big Lie has become the truth - proclaimed on GOP friendly media every day as well as what has always been thought of as more mainstream sources.  This lie has circled the globe repeatedly while the truth is still looking for its shoes.

Another bold faced lie:  that he and other jobs promising Teahadist Governators kept their promises.  Yes, forget the reality that Wisconsin plummeted from #11 in new jobs before Walker took office and now sits at #44.  That's his story and he's sticking to it.

In fact, when the jobs numbers in Wisconsin kept looking dismal and threatened to impact the 2012 recall election, Scott Walker just invented his own numbers and, sadly, our Wisconsin media just published them and berated the Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers as unreliable - an almost astounding feat demonstrating the utter failure of our state and local media.

The biggest bombshell of this interview is that he says he has concentrated on on education "reform" and entitlement "reform" "because those kinds of things don't bring out 50, 60, 70, or 100,000 protesters."  Wow.  He's probably still got poop stains in his panties from 2011.

The really sad part, though, is what that says about us as people.  That we don't come together in numbers to protest robbing our kids, the disabled, and the poor and Republicans know it.


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Of course, he's already promoting excuses for his incredibly awful performance in "creating jobs", his ONLY campaign promise in 2010 (he promised 250,000 by the end of his first term in office and only has about 200,000 more to go).  He touts how "employers" just love what he's doing, but continues to claim that "uncertainty" prevents all those shiny new jobs from being created.  That excuse is getting pretty old and lame particularly since he was able to buy the recall election in 2012 and provide that "certainty" he claimed employers were looking for back then.

Sadly, however, he may be right.  Independents, young people, and occassional voters stayed home in 2010 because of the disappointment they felt after turning out in massive numbers in 2008.  I talked to hundreds of those people during GOTV in 2010 who felt their efforts and votes were "wasted", that they saw no difference that impacted them or the country after the 2008 election, and that they wanted to "send a message" to the Democrats that they needed to move forward with a strong populist agenda rather than continue the never ending compromise in search of the illusion of bipartisanship.  

The old saying that "all politics is local" is still true, but the actions, or lack of action, of those in Congress and the White House do rebound and affect local and state voters.  In 2008 we voted for change and saw little despite huge majorities in Congress.  The resulting Red Tide on 2010 was the result.

In 2012 voters rallied again in large numbers, but this time they once again reverted to voting for what they saw as the lesser of 2 evils rather than voting FOR something.  Unless we see some serious action on the part of our national Democrats, Scott Walker might be right about 2014.

I continue to hope and work hard for a better outcome.


PS:  Please view the video I linked and check out how enormous Walkers bald spot has become.  All those lies are taking a toll.

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Originally posted to Puddytat on Mon Jun 10, 2013 at 02:10 PM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive.

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