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Screenshot of Gomez interview.
Defensive? Who? Me?
Gabriel Gomez has a lot of rich-guy problems. Like that pesky tax scam that netted him a massive tax deduction on his million dollar home. Or, in fact, taxes too complicated to be able to figure out on his own. But where he gets into real rich guy problems, Mitt Romney level rich guy problems, is in his private equity job.

It's not that he's been that effective at his job, even if it has made him a millionaire, the Boston Globe profile argues. He never made partner; he didn't do very many deals and Advent credits the one deal he boasts about completing to other executives. But there is one thing, one very Romneyesque thing, he did achieve: sending automotive jobs to China. Gomez served on the board of Synventive Molding Solutions, a company that made car parts, after Advent took the company over.

That the jobs went overseas is acknowledged by federal officials. In March 2009, 18 laid-off Synventive workers, many over age 50, were offered government aid to retrain, specifically because their jobs were being moved overseas, according to the Department of Labor. [...]

While Gomez served on its board, Synventive pursued large, multi-year tax breaks in China, including two years free of corporate and local income taxes and 50 percent tax breaks for five years through 2012, according to the company’s financial statements.

But those jobs that the Labor Department says went overseas, Gomez says, didn't happen. It's just that this kind of manufacturing moved to to China. Pure coincidence that the jobs in the U.S. ended and new jobs in China were created and it was while he was helping steer the company. Uh huh.
Goal Thermometer
And in other, um, good? news for Gomez, a third party has finally decided to pony up significant money to run TV ads for him. The dark cloud around that silver lining is that the money is coming from a Super PAC "created by the treasurer for former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann." That'll work out well.

Also, too, a Republican pollster gives Democrat Ed Markey a 12-point lead right now, but insists that that's not really bad news because there's a real path for Gomez with independents. They advise: "A Gomez appeal to independents should be tilted toward women." Hahahahaha! Because Gomez has done such a good job so far laying the groundwork for an appeal to women.

Ed Markey is just 12 days away from making Gomez's would-be political career history. Help him put it away.

 Please contribute $3 to Ed Markey.


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Originally posted to Joan McCarter on Thu Jun 13, 2013 at 09:43 AM PDT.

Also republished by Massachusetts Kosmopolitans and Daily Kos.

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