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Governor Rick Perry Opens Door to Pagan Holiday Kits on eBay

Governor Rick Perry of Texas has opened the door to “religions expression” in public schools all across the state of Texas.

Rick Perry on Thursday signed a law protecting Christmas and other holiday celebrations in Texas public schools from legal challenges - but also stressed that freedom of religion is not the same thing as freedom from religion.
Most Christians do not know this but Jesus wasn’t really born at Christmas and he didn’t die during Easter either.  These were “Pagan Holidays” that were corrupted by Christianity.  The Christian leadership has lied to its followers for a long time.  The historical record of Jesus is vaguer than most Christians are aware of.  Thanks to Governor Rick Perry most American’s might learn a lot more in a very short time now.

How do you think Christians would react to finding out that their entire holiday celebration is a hoax perpetuated by the Church?  Jesus wasn’t really born on December 25th at all.  Much of the traditions we associate with Christmas and Easter actually came from Pagan legends and folklore.

Some enterprising individual or group could put together a “Pagan Holiday Kit” and sell it on eBay.  They could include a book with the background on how the winter solstice was the time of celebration of the Pagan Gods.  There is now a whole market for Pagan symbols and posters for the holidays.  Paganism can regain its rightful place in the holidays.  

Do all the research and do a good job on your Pagan Christmas kit.  You will definitely have a market in the state of Texas.  

Who knows, it might spread to other states as well.  

How do you think this will affect Christian’s celebration of these holidays?  
They will probably be a little more “open to” and a lot less arrogant to other beliefs.
Maybe they will look a little deeper at the true origins of their own beliefs before trying to force them on others.

Happy Holidays…

Learn the true significance of December 25th. Watch videos below.

Pagan Symbolism in ALL major Religions

Tom Harpur On The Pagan Roots Of Christianity

The Pagan Origins of Lent and Easter


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