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The responsibilities of fatherhood have increased!  Maybe you have not noticed?  The planet we are leaving to our children and theirs is full of abuse.  We all share in it.  No one is without responsibility.  The scientists tried to warn us over and over again but the deniers seem to have won.  I have no intention of bombarding you with ugly statistics.  If you have hid your head in the sand up until now then how can I hope to change that?  No, mine is a more personal and a very subjective message on this father's day.  Read on below if you really love your children.


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I have known good friends years ago who were hesitant to have children because of the world they would bring them into.  Most of them finally had kids and I am sure they are happy they did. I wonder if any of them saw what was really coming.  Do you?  The way we have organized life on this planet is not good for children.  We have taken and taken and produced waste and fouled the nest.  The behavior we have indulged in is not unlike addiction.  The denial of what we have done is not unlike that of addicts.

Who among you is proud of what you are leaving for future generations?  Who among you can defend the way we have lived?  I ask you to think about your responsibility as fathers in this context for the situation has gone beyond all predictions and the acceleration of the crisis is only beginning.

The press squeaks out a bit now and then.  The government acts like dealing with the situation is optional.  The reports keep coming and they worsen by the day.

Fathers do you really love your chilkdren?  there is only one way to act that out.  The cost is enourmous.  You have accumulated a big debt to them.  Can you be a real father?

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a real father

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