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From Gordon Soderberg, project manager of the Veteran Green Bus:

Kent's Custom Diesel is still waiting on a couple of parts o-rings and gaskets for the oil cooler to get the bus back on the road. This is forcing me to fly to Netroots Nation to advocate for the support of the Veterans Green Bus. Not having the bus there weighs heavy on my mind. However, this is the task at hand. I will be there with T-shirts, flyers and my computer full of video and photos of the bus.

Yesterday, in hope Large Marg would be ready to roll last night, he was packing out of here. Then Kent called and the dream of Large Marg rolling triumphantly into NetRoots Nation went right out the window. Fortunately there was a seat available on a flight from Portland, Or to San Jose, Ca today.

 Gordon arrives in San Jose, Wed, Jun 19 at 3:27 pm. Look for him. Be sure to meet him at The Veterans Green Bus table in the NetRoots Nation Town Square. He will be staying with a member of The Veterans Green Bus, but the man knows how to party. Just ask him.

It's important to remember that The Veterans Green Bus is not a dream to be realized in the fuzzy future. It has history of success. Gordon and the team were there in the Lower Ninth Ward for a year following Katrina, and for five long months after Hurricane Sandy in Far Rockaway, New York, NY.

Below the Flying Spaghetti Monster's tracks, is a list of most everything Gordon wants to add to the bus to make it a better, more eco-efficient disaster relief mobile command center. This stuff can be bought - but better yet, it can be found and donated. Think about it. You know someone who knows someone who knows these items are.


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The Veterans Green Bus is an evolving project.

Following a devastating fire that wiped out the Bus's savings, Soderberg had to scramble  to get going again. You helped. There is a Virginia Kossack who literally saved the bus with his substantial donations. As Sara says, "Gordon makes his own magic through all the good he does for others."
Large Marg, a 1980 Crown Coach XL, is the largest size school bus ever built. The superstructure is thick aluminum and could last forever. The engine, according to Kent, the best damn Crown Coach mechanic in the country, is good for at least 1,000,000 miles. The brakes and transmission all appear to be in good shape. AND the damn gasket is on it's way . . .

Here's what is needed:
    Interior upgrades:
          Seat covers OD green canvas or Digital Camouflage  
               Quantity 8  $400- $800
          Bus Drivers seat (air)
          Quantity = 10
               Size: 12.R22.5 16.PR (Firestone)
    Electrical Power Inverter :
          6000 watt 12 DC - 110 ac inverter
               $700- $1100
    560 Watt RV Solar system  $6500  
    D8 Truck Batteries
               Quantity = 4
    Diesel Generator
               Slow-Turning 5 kW Yanmar Diesel Generator
          $100 monthly bill
          $1,200 anual average
     The items for the MotoSat F1 dish (which was donated) are:
          1)      Dish controller (D2/D3/D4 or J1) $289/$795/$995/$1975
          2)      Control cable, 30ft $249
          3)      Control cable entry cap $15
          4)      2 coax cables with ends $20 ea
          5)      Hughes modem $159
          6)      WiFi router 54GC $59
          7)      9 pin green connector $15
          8)      Misc cables $10
          9)      Dicor roof sealer and SS screws. $15
        10)  Hughes satellite Internet access $200 per month

If none of the above stuff is laying around your garage, then donations are greatfully accepted.

Extended (Optional)

Originally posted to llbear on Wed Jun 19, 2013 at 02:53 PM PDT.

Also republished by Military Community Members of Daily Kos, DKos Military Veterans, and VAGV - Veterans Against Gun Violence.

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