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Toledo Mayoral Candidate and current Lucas County Auditor Anita Lopez works hard to come across as well spoken and educated about her community. She works so hard that she has to have her campaign staffers pre-screen media requests and fill out a form before she will even talk to anyone in the press.

What Lopez wants in advance are a list of the reporter's questions; if anyone already has been interviewed on the subject; who else will be interviewed; what the other sources said to the reporter; if she can use visuals, and if the reporter is knowledgeable.


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Yesterday we learned what happens when she goes off script; stumbling, incessantly repeating herself, and even stopping to consult two of her campaign managers midinterview were all part of her train wreck in this video:

Lopez is another corrupt shill for special interest money. She is a career political hack who abuses her office for political gain-- here is the story I did about corruption in her County Auditor’s office.

On Sunday the Toledo Blade wrote about how Lopez requires the press to submit questions to her in advance so she can have political staffers script answers for her. In a Monday interview to respond to the article, Lopez attempted to defend herself and claim she can talk to the media without a script.  And as you saw in the video, it was such a disaster that it was even picked up nationally by PoliticalWire.

Lopez stumbles, momentarily goes speechless, then pushes the microphone away as she asks to stop the interview.  She then stops to go speak to two campaign aides who give her a new script so she can come back and repeat her talking points.

The Mayor’s race in Toledo is one of the most important down ballot races in Ohio this cycle, with huge ramifications for the statewide races next year including Ohio's Labor crushing, reproductive-rights destroying governor. This race will be a referendum on  the Tea Party's favorite Midwest governor, John Kasich. The current Mayor has endorsed Kasich’s right wing budget and his attack on collective bargaining rights, SB 5, all in a liberal city that gave President Obama over 70% of the vote.

That’s why the choice in this race is so important and supporting the Progressive Champion, Joe McNamara, is critical right now with less than 3 months until the September 10th primary. Joe was supporting marriage equality long before it was safe and  popular, and he has been a leader in promoting green jobs to revive the struggling economy.  

Support Joe McNamara, and make certain that Toledo elects a Progressive champion over another corrupt, special interest Democrat.  Find out more at his website, www.JoeforToledo.com, on Facebook here and on Twitter.

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