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This is one of my favorite Yosemite hikes. You can car pool or catch the hiker's bus to Glacier point for an 8.5 mile hike that is mostly downhill. If a longer trip is what you are looking start out with a hike up the Four Mile Trail to Glacier Point. Here is a link to some good information about this hike. All photos were taken by me while hiking this trail on a really nice day in mid May 2013. They have been altered in size only.

 photo DSC00106_sm_zps7948cff7.jpg


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 photo DSC00108_sm_zps0094d253.jpg

 photo DSC00124_sm_zps2fa81aec.jpg

 photo DSC00131_sm_zps526d4601.jpg

 photo DSC00135_sm_zpsa144e6cd.jpg

 photo DSC00138_sm_zpsee1099e8.jpg

 photo DSC00140_sm_zps8cfc55bc.jpg

 photo DSC00148_sm_zps0613d8e7.jpg

 photo DSC00160_sm_zps215ea071.jpg

 photo DSC00164_sm_zps86030c41.jpg

 photo DSC00166_sm_zps10e4eb97.jpg

 photo DSC00177_sm_zps1d408c87.jpg

 photo DSC00189_sm_zpse733dfc8.jpg

 photo DSC00196_sm_zps87da5776.jpg

 photo DSC00192_sm_zps5c8e51a2.jpg

 photo DSC00200_sm_zps7d38b190.jpg

 photo DSC00195_sm_zps48522249.jpg

 photo DSC00204_sm_zpsceef96e7.jpg

 photo DSC00213_sm_zpsc095fc66.jpg

 photo DSC00214_sm_zps268cc054.jpg

 photo DSC00219_sm_zps310fe6d2.jpg

 photo DSC00220_sm_zpsde3e4e3c.jpg

 photo DSC00221_sm_zps2b85e1a1.jpg

 photo DSC00224_sm_zpsdcd8a253.jpg

 photo DSC00223_sm_zpsf5bae3ec.jpg

 photo DSC00226_sm_zps27e60a7d.jpg

 photo DSC00227_sm_zps329eb402.jpg

 photo DSC00228_sm_zps326be624.jpg

 photo DSC00229_sm_zpsb3871003.jpg

 photo DSC00231_sm_zps8f986e67.jpg

 photo DSC00235_sm_zps8111c1c8.jpg

 photo DSC00237_sm_zps0149caad.jpg

 photo DSC00240_sm_zps1a9df489.jpg

 photo DSC00242_sm_zpsea2bb4e2.jpg

 photo DSC00245_sm_zpsf443b6f7.jpg

 photo DSC00246_sm_zpseee70599.jpg

 photo DSC00247_sm_zps6301fb2b.jpg

 photo DSC00250_sm_zps76251bc4.jpg

 photo DSC00256_sm_zps14a9fd53.jpg

I hope you have enjoyed these photos. Thanks for looking.

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Originally posted to jbob on Sat Jun 22, 2013 at 04:26 AM PDT.

Also republished by DK GreenRoots and National Parks and Wildlife Refuges.

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