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Tonight Rachel covered the case of Joshua Inglett, an enterprising guy who was on his way to being part of the board of regents of the UW, and then stopped by Scott Walker. He was stopped because he signed a Recall Walker petition.  


I don't see this covered here yet, and I think it is important, although the abuses of Scott Walker could make anyone numb to the outrage. But not Rachel. She covered this tonight IN DETAIL, God bless her. I have not and don't expect to see this covered ANYWHERE else on TV. But Rachel pulls through again.

I have noticed lately, that she seems to have taken her fight to a more local/State level. She has never been about dueling pundits, or fastened to the presidency. She has always charted her own course as to the content of her show. Now, it seems she is, imo, doing a wise thing. She's bringing it home on a state level, and shining the spot light on all the chicanery that goes on there. I have seen her do this recently, beyond anything to do w/Wisconsin.

And, while the NSA revelations are important, do need debate, and have blown the top off this site lately, I submit that what Scott Walker is doing in Wisconsin, and what other republican governors are doing elsewhere, SHOULD demand as much energy and  action. Walker and other republican governors are ignoring state laws willy nilly, depriving citizens of their due, and they're doing it all w/out ever listening into anyone's emails or phone calls. Just plain old in your face "because I can" and "because you're letting me get away w/it."

I think this will not be covered by the Wisconsin Media, and I think it will not be covered by the national media---so many sexier things to talk about. But Rachel Maddow devoted a good 5 minutes to this story tonight, and in air time, that's forever.

IMO, Rachel Maddow is still the best thing progressives have going on TV, she still leads the pack for my money.


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Originally posted to StellaRay on Thu Jun 20, 2013 at 10:21 PM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive and Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow.

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