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The immigration debate and review of this recent WSJ editorial led me back to one of my favorite political charts ever, A Guide to the Conservative Movement in One Handy Chart, posted by Kos on 3/7/13. Thank you again, Markos. How do the various Con-servative factions view this debate? http://www.dailykos.com/...

The Border Security Ruse (for many Republicans, the border will never be secure enough) was the lead editorial in the WSJ June 19, 2013. The article points out that the border is currently more secure than it has been in decades, and that illegal entries are at a 40-year low. It actually states "The value of all of this additional border spending is probably marginal, and at some point it becomes offensive to U.S. values of freedom and human dignity."  It questions whether Americans would support the extreme measures that would be required to reduce illegal immigration as drastically as the far-right wants, as the price of reform. It goes on to conclude that the "Border Surge" is intended to kill the bill.  The editorial snidely comments that Republicans could then campaign in 2014 on self-deportation, a strategy that worked well for Mitt. I would conclude that the corporate con-servatives appear to have spoken in favor of the cheap labor provided by passage of this legislation, and oppose their farther-right fellow Republicans.

The Senate may pass the Gang-of-Eight bill with the Border Surge. The various conflicting conservative factions in the House will condemn but never concede,  will contradict but never consent, and will only contest the consequences of this controversial conundrum. Their contemptuous conduct and inability to compromise will probably prevent passage of any meaningful legislation.  OK, enough of the con-jobs.

As I review Kos' chart, it appears that the Teabaggers, Neocons, and Paleocons will oppose any path to citizenship. Will the Theocons really want to recruit immigrants? Will "libertarian" Rand Paul truly wish to bring them in? Do the corporate conservatives actually care?


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