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Something that has been on my mind for awhile, well actually since he first ran was just who approached Obama and offered to back him to run the first time around.

Along with that question comes : just how much of the crap he has been pulling is because he believes in it vs he owes people a lot.

Before you cry "CONSPIRACY THEORY" let's think about this ok?


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Back when he made his oh so famous speech in 04 at the convention and gained some notoriety he was a pretty minor Senator with not all that exciting of a record.

Now we KNOW, the kingmakers in DC (see any big corporation in existence) play both sides to the middle.  So let's say certain people see that speech and think " Hmmm, smart, young, hip, attractive and Black and damn he can speak. Well well well. "

After all Hillary was always going to be a tough win, too many independents hated Bill and I think as a country we are dynasty fatigued. Now Obama , looking at his votes, isn't really a staunch liberal, he stated several times he looked up to Ronald Reagan and he's always been pretty middle of the road. So he would be an easy sell to a lot of independents who were pissed at Bush, pissed at the war and tired of the economy. Obama would also be an easy sell to the youth and minority votes which rarely vote conservative anyway.

Those in power that care about money, not political labels, would have been very interested in a conservative leaning, inspirational young speaker who could pull people to him in droves while supporting their agenda.

So why not support him? Give him some great lines "Change we can believe in" let him work his magic and then call in the favors once he got into office.

Look at his terms in office so far.

Look at his non resistance to pretty much most if not all right wing wishes, sure he has the token bones he's thrown out to certain groups but over all, the right got everything it pretty much wanted and Obama hasn't once VETOED any of it.

Just saying...actions speak louder than charismatic words.


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Originally posted to Chaoslillith on Fri Jun 21, 2013 at 11:51 PM PDT.

Also republished by Trolls.


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