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Yet again, our biggest conference ever. Thank you all so much.

We each have our own memories of Netroots Nation 2013, from the panels and plenaries to the exhibit hall to the social events to the conference which takes place in the hallways, one-on-one and in small groups, reconnecting and making new friends. (Hello, Sweden!) That's how we build and expand our movement and build the connections needed for the battles ahead.

Just like last year, and as I remarked from the lectern Thursday night, this conference is increasingly about us, and not about the candidates who came and visited or the media observing it all. Of course, we're thrilled when they do come and invest the time to meet with us (and esp. Sen. Jeff Merkley, who made heroic efforts to come in time for this Thursday keynote and stayed all weekend, as well as Leader Pelosi and our host Rep. Mike Honda), but this conference doesn't exist because of them, and that we were able to draw our largest audience ever without a huge new name demonstrates how much we are there because of each other. We need to build a movement which does help the candidates we favor, but remains sufficiently independent from them so we can hold them accountable once in office.
For everything you missed, we have a wealth of video and photos online, including each Ignite talk in a separate YouTube video.
Right now, there's something I'd like you to do, and it's absolutely essential for the enduring success of this conference. You need to tell us what worked, and what didn't work. We have received a great deal of positive feedback so far, but we need to keep listening.
As chairman of the board of directors for the Netroots Nation (c)(4) organization [Darcy Burner heads the Netroots Foundation (c)(3)], I need to know what you think. You are our stakeholders, our constituents, and your satisfaction is essential to our continued success. There is no aspect of this conference which cannot be rethought, and no detail not worth mentioning. I could not be more proud of our staff and the hard work they do, and they remain committed to providing you with even better next year.
And, obviously, we don't want to forget anything that worked out better than our wildest expectations, and want to capture as much of that now while it's still fresh in your minds. Tell us what you loved, and what we need to do more—because we didn't see everything, even all the good stuff. Tell us what panels needed more room. Really, all your stories about your Netroots Nation experience are valuable.
[What has your feedback led to in the past? More water, everywhere. A real effort to include the transgendered community. Much improved focus on accessibility issues, including scooter rentals and open captioning. Increased attention to Native American issues. A more endurable schedule, both in length and breadth. More charging stations. Larger rooms. Annual karaoke. An exhibit hall which could serve as the primary social hub.]
We've got a few ways you can register this feedback.  First off, post it here.  

Secondly, anything you tweet to #nn13, we're still watching.

And thirdly, if you'd like to keep it private, email me at adam [at] netrootsnation [dot] org or to Executive Director Raven Brooks at raven [at] netrootsnation [dot] org, or send it to me here via KosMail. We will make sure every email gets to the appropriate person(s) on our staff, and that each receives a response.

Thanks again. You each make our conference, and our movement, what it is. Next year: Detroit Rock City. REGISTER NOW!

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