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 As is our custom when we have good news, we had a dance party in Orgrimmar when DOMA was repealed and Proposition 8 was re-nullified.

Sadly, I was unable to attend, so I don't have any screenshots. If you managed to get any, feel free to post them in the comments.

Also Pamena has some more details in the Team RubiPam And Etcetera Report below.

But first, here's the raid report from Team Kaels courtesy of Ninotchka:

Team Kaels continues to have good loot luck, and bad attendance luck. But we are managing to keep moving forward slowly, thanks to the incredibly generous assistance of Team RubiPam. Specifically, Rubi and Pam. Thank you so much for stepping in on your alts this week, guys, it makes all the difference for our attempts at progress.

Unfortunately, learning the Thunder King encounter is not something you do in a day. We’re back to getting to the last phase and I never once went sailing backwards off of the platform, and Hyunkster only did it once so that barely counts. But it’s that last 25% and the final transition that’s the killer, and if we make a mistake in the first phase it punishes us five minutes later. Grr.

We did have good loot luck recently in our non-Thunder King battles, though, and that cheers me up considerably. Our new Wednesday tank, Hyunkster, seemed to win something off of each and every boss last week. I think he ended up with 7 upgrades. The other big win was for our rogue, Choricito. The Mists of Pandaria has been out for what, about 8 months now? We have been raiding since the second week of the expansion. In all that time, we had seen a grand total of one (1) agility dagger, and that was from the lowest level raid, Mogushan Vaults. Until Tuesday night.

If you know any rogues, they will tell you that if you don’t have a decent dagger, you’re going to be stuck in Combat spec if you want to do dps of any sort, and Combat gets boring. Also, Combat’s prime ability of Killing Spree leads to a bunch of instantaneous suicides from some boss abilities. We call it Killing Splee, for the splat noise it makes. Well now Choricito can activate that primary spec and be a true hiding in the shadows stabbing in the back rogue-y rogue. We’re all pleased for him, though we will miss the cries of “Goddamnit Blizzard!”

So congratulations, Choricito, for finally being able to be a stabbity-stab-stab rogue. Now if only we can get you a shoulder upgrade.

Here's Pamena's Team RubiPam report, as well as the Saturday Night Massacre and the Orgrimmar Dance Party report as well:
Team RubiPam report:

Team RP continues to work on Durumu, the nasty eyeball maze guy, fighting problems of absenteeism as much as the boss. We are grateful to Tvath and Ash for coming in on Monday night to help, and we are getting there, but don't quite have it down yet. Thursday (tonight) Gromn has agreed to come in and tank in Thanael's place, as Thanael will be out of town, so if Heinkel can be there, I have high hopes for our progress, assuming we can find a dps to fill in for Joravic who I think is out tonight as well.

We are in desperate need of a reliable DPS to join us on Mondays through July and the first part of August perhaps; Heinkel is lighting up the stage in Montreal on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays, and the folks who had said they wanted to raid and serve as our backup DPS have not shown up when we needed them. There are also going to be other times especially this summer, and in the fall when football will draw away Elu and Mage from time to time, that we will need a DPS and probably a backup tank occasionally as well. It's been kind of depressing trying to find someone who can commit, and we may have hit the limit of guildies who want to raid at this point. I was hoping one or two DPS members of Team Z might want to join us on Mondays until they start on TOT themselves, to get experience and gear, but possibly our schedule isn't compatible with most of theirs, as they don't seem to be on line when we raid. So we will see, we may end up taking a hiatus from raiding at some point this summer.

Saturday Night Massacre:

Wreck List continued our assault on heroic Firelands Saturday night, and we found that, hey, it's a little bit tougher than BOT was! Rhyolith CONTINUES to be a major pain in the ass, but for a different reason than two years ago - our dps was too strong, and we had to wipe and recalibrate our efforts a few times before we finally got down to just Joravic steering and Thanael attacking until we got him to the molten stage, at which point we just blasted him into oblivion. Similarly, Alysrazor took a bit of tweaking, and a few deaths, but we ultimately got her down. By comparison, Baleroc and Staghelm were cake, and thus we have cleared the whole place on heroic up to Rags. Because several people who have been stalwarts in these achievement runs, especially Thanael and Tvath, can't be here this Saturday, I've postponed our attempt on heroic Ragnaros until next week or the week after (July 6 or 13), so this Saturday, we can revert to normal SNM activities, world bosses and LFR, or just not do anything if people are busy with other things.

Celebration of Love and Human Rights

In celebration of the great Supreme Court decisions striking down a pivotal section of DOMA and refusing to hear the appeal of the lower court decision in California striking down Prop 8, Wreck List had a dance party celebration in Org on Wednesday night, and it was great fun! I was pleasantly surprised to see no right wing backlash against our celebration and yelling "DOMA IS DEAD HURRAY!" over and over, and much merriment was had. In fact, we got supportive whispers, although there was one very confused level 4 tauren in the middle of it trying to distract us, and another one trying to share bread with us who had decided that he should spell "who wants bread?" without the "w" in who. I have to say, the sight of Carune's orc stripped to his undies standing in a clamshell was pretty striking, I wish I had gotten a screenshot of it, but I hope other people thought faster than I did! Anyway, so fun! And thanks to everyone who came and shook their booties in celebration!

And finally, the Team Z report that Moodyloner threatened to make over Vent last Sunday:
Well,  I said I would, and here it is:
Fucking Garalon.

But at least we have the dance down to the point where he knows he's been in a fight.

Next week, perhaps.
Fucking Garalon.

That's what I have for you this week. For the Horde!
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