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Human Events story on New Yorker cover art showing Bert and Ernie as gay.
The outrage is over this New Yorker cover:
New Yorker cover art showing Bert and Ernie as gay, watching the Supreme Court deliberate on their TV
The wingers are feeling a little touchy over the gay thing right now for some reason or other, so you can imagine the reaction. Except that thanks to me, you don't need to imagine. Just head below the fold to feast on their tears. They are yummy!

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Try to post regarding the "dangers of gay sex" and it will get deleted.

I guess free speech has met it's match in dealing with the gay community.

According to the research gay sex is like intercourse with a cesspool.

And now your children can learn about it at age 2-- apparently kindergarten is too late for gay indoctrination by leftists..

I'm sure that "research" is peer reviewed, right?
There is nothing gay about them. They are sodomites, described by what they do. They want to define themselves by their sexual activity, so now let this definition be an accurate one.
Bert and Ernie define themselves by their sexual activity? I must've missed that episode.
I was about ten when Sesame Street became the "big thing" and all my siblings were much older than me. The first time I went to a friend's house and saw his little brothers watching that crap, instead of Popeye , the Three Stooges, Bugs Bunny, et al, I chided them on watching such gay material. None of them watched Mr. Rogers, because he was kinda faggy, and we all had our doubts about Captain Kangaroo and Mr Greenjeans, but this was just too banal and childish for even their 7 and 8 year old minds.
There has always been a gay culture at PBS and the local WNET. Why does noone ever charge THEM with discrimination? Practically everyone they hire is gay.
And jokes about Bert and Ernie being gay lovers have been around forever
Being ten years old and mocking a bunch of toddlers for watching toddler TV is a sure-fire sign that you'll grow up to be an asshole conservative.
Great for our kids? A moment we can all "celebrate"?? Why? Are people jumping up and down for heterosexuals? Is there a "celebration" for heterosexuals? You know, male and female? The way nature needs it to be to procreate the species?
If only heterosexuals had a movie made about their kind of romance, with a male protagonist pursuing a female one, like nature intended. Sometimes, it would be the other way around, with the female pursuing the male. Not sure what nature has to say about that. I'm hoping that would be okay. Sometimes, the male would pursue the pretty cheerleader, but his true love would be the shy bookworm friend of his. The surprise would be that he hooks up with his friend that is a girl. I'm pretty sure that's kosher with nature.  

Oh, I have an idea! They could mix such heterosexual celebrations with jokes! I would call it a "comedic romance".

Seriously, I think we should all start calling press conferences so we can "come out of the closet" and be "openly hetero" now.
Knock yourself out. Seriously.
Nobody talks about the agenda of the North American Man Boy Love Association. They are sucking this up.
They are getting a free ride with the queers. Child molesters in a neighborhood near you. Notice that the queers don't say much about the perverted, degenerate
NAMBLA organization. That group has gotten away with murder for years and no one says a word.
That's not true. Crazy people talk about this. On message boards. Of conservative websites.
When I say "I don't care what people do in the privacy of their homes", it means "I don't care what people do in the privacy of their homes", and I really get tired of all the noise about homosexuality.
If rumpy-pumpy is your thing, have at it, but please spare me the details -- if you insist on making a big deal of it, I will start to wonder about your mental health.
Do the details turn you on?
Filthy Leftists. They abort their own children so they can indoctrinate and abuse yours. Leave the kids out of it, you immoral animals.
How the heck does Massachusetts still have people in it, given all those liberals who insist on aborting everything and everyone?
We now know why Obama attacked Romney for wanting to cut funding for PBS. It's another propaganda outlet--this one promoting the gay lifestyle to children-- using our own tax money.
The New Yorker and PBS are two completely different ... a fuck it. You're too stupid for words.
When will we see the movie depicting a sad Bert at the bedside of Ernie gasping his last breath as full blown AIDS takes his life?
Not gonna happen. They're very responsible. They use protection.
Liberal communists will not be happy until they have destroyed every single decent thing about this nation/world. The sickness and mental illness that is liberalism is truly a thing to behold. God is watching and biding His time.
... and yet San Francisco remains standing, as glorious as ever.

God's okay with this.

Welcome to Obama's "New America" that he worked to "change."

Come to think of it, it sort of resembles Khrushchev's Soviet Union with a bit of a gay flare.

God help America.

Uh oh. We need to be careful. We might get audited by the IRS or have our internet and cell phones tapped by the Culture Police under Eric Holder's watchful eye.

Those bread lines are killing me too.
It is so hard to think about: in 70 years we have gone from being the greatest nation the world had ever seen, to being a third world disaster-in-the-making.
Obama, evil as he is, is who he is, and it is obvious to all but fools, who he is.

The real issue is the ignorant, ungrateful American voter who puts people like this in office.

In my worst nightmare, I never envisioned that the American people would, not once, but twice, put something like Barry Soetero in office, and continue to support, and be blind to, the destruction of our country.

Yum yum yum!
Liberals want morality, culture and politics of Conservatives and Christians "separated" from American society. They even suggest that we should leave our faith and morality out of the voting booth.

Yet, those same Liberals seek to replace such faith and morality -- by law -- with their own "new morality" that, of course, echoes their own whims and lifestyles.

America will not continue like this. Conservatives and Christians need to be just as "loud and proud" as those who claim that confused little boys should have a "right" (by law) to use a little girls room.

The KKK is recruiting.
Did anyone not think the children were the target of this whole gay marriage movement? That is their end goal, to increase their numbers... increase their influence... increase their indoctrination...
The queer agenda: fabulous marketing.
Gays do realize that muslims summarily execute gays??? A marriage license would be an easy way for the muslim hoard to find the infidels??
This is a new one: conservatives are protecting gay people from Barack Obama's Muslim police? Mighty considerate of them.
Can't kids be kids without an adult concept being forced on them, especially a one of sexual nature? Gays think they just won the lottery, but they really just took a huge step back. Wait till the push back. You haven't seen anything yet.
It's a well-known fact that the New Yorker's largest readership are youths in the 2-5 year-old demo.

I do admit though that I'm curious about their "push back". What could that be? Maybe a 2002-vintage anti-gay marriage initiative? Or a STRAIGHT MARRIAGE to show everyone who is still boss?

Or maybe a good ol' fashioned lynching, because, you know, that's what conservatives fantasize about.

It's time to start a national lobby for the rights of white heterosexuals. We seem to be the ones who are oppressed now and get blamed for everything wrong in the world.
Great idea! I suggest we call it "Congress".
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