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Fun & games time here on DKos (Boy, do we need it!)

GW (Gulf Watchers) Block parties are a spot for hilarity, music, recipes, drinks, etc.....no topic is off limits...come on in and join us.

Tonites edition is about; STUFF---and about having too much!!!

Recently, another GW & I were having a discussion about having "too much stuff"---mostly junk!  We agreed we are likely both "pack-rats".

Fortunately, I'm now on the other side of that problem, having just moved from a large house; into a smaller apartment; and now into an even smaller  (final) apartment.  
Well, it was a real challenge to downsize---not so much furniture, etc. but tons of JUNK....good junk, but junk none the less.

For, instance: how many pictures can one hang on 4 walls?   Certainly not 100+
these are just some of the extras...
 photo c6f35e42d531bdda457223f64f271f0f_zps47118254.jpg

More "stuff" after the little thingy...


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How many of you have SEVERAL cups like this?:

 photo a89af460edaad40e6eddf7411a6aaadf_zpsc9b6152b.jpg

I had to get rid of 3-4 ...

How many drawers do you have like this one?:
 photo 31babf28514b9534b049781c8af4a09a_zps5658a33a.jpg

Yup; had 3 of those kind....a wonder I ever found anything....

You get the picture....books are a real problem....Bet any & all of you have at least 40-50 books----just lying there; and now you are reading Kindle.  
I had to get rid of over 100.....killed me though----hard to do.

Clothes?   Still keeping that shirt or dress from 1972 party?   Huh, huh???
Or, do you like having 32 polo shirts-----I had to cut to just 20. (TWENTY?  yikes)

I still have two boxes of postcards---many vintage---WTF am I going to do with now?
No room to frame them & enjoy them that way.......
 photo d70437baa9221ac13154a6cbbb95d866_zps9ae7292f.jpg

OK...so now you know what this is all about....tell us about YOUR "junk"  (Don't go there!!)  You know, all your excess "can't part with" STUFF....

And, don't forget to bring some goodies to eat while visiting.....

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