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Hyperbole?  Just a slight tad.

For those who don't know, about 7 years ago I became Homeless.  I was literally on the street...

My ex-wife and children were in a shelter, but for a single or married man in the Monterey area, there's really only 2 options. Chinatown or IHELP.

And IHELP, will no longer be IHELP after tomorrow.

(Personal and what is happening to the homeless.)


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See, here's how the program worked.  You met up, promised to show up sober, and they took you to a church.  You had a meal and a place to stay.  2 or 3 times a week they took you to a place to get a shower.  Bright and early the next morning they dumped you on the street.

That was it.  Simple, basic.  You got what you needed.  It wasn't perfect but for two months while I struggled to get into the Army, it worked.    I wrote a novel during the nights.  No, I'm not kidding.  The other guys watched the TV, and I wrote.  (It's Erotica, and I wrote it for my Ex-wife.  I saw her two or three times a week and talked about it then.)

Why do I bring this up?  Because the program is now changing.  You won't see it on their website, but Tomorrow night is the VERY LAST time they will go to a church here in Salinas.  Instead, there is now a new area on the old Fort Ord where people will go.  Yes, it's also NOT within the city limits of any of the major cities.  Funny that.

They can't afford the buses anymore.  All the cities have stopped the grant money.  But a run down housing area in the middle of nowhere doesn't cost too much money...

The program has switched too.  No more will they offer shelter when you need it.  Instead, it will switch to a system that selects the homeless based off of criteria.  I don't know what those criteria are.  But there will be an application process...  

The lesson seems to be, if you are homeless in Central California, plan ahead for your homelessness.  Be ready to be placed out of the sight of people who decide whether or not there is a homeless problem.  Be ready to be monitored for compliance.

The homeless population is just getting worse around here.   I see more and more folks on the street every single day.  Explain to me how making a program to help MORE restrictive will reduce that?  

I am horrified.  Not for me.  But for the homeless guy who is just now getting into the situation where I was six years ago.

7:36 PM PT: Wow... Thanks for the Rec list, folks.  As always, I'm humbled to be here.

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