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9015 photo DSCN9015_zpsbff47d04.jpg

Kintla Lake is a part of Glacier National Park which is seldom infested by tourists. On June 30, 2013, an EPIC group of Kossacks made the long trek from tourist-infested Apgar to Kintla Lake. Most survived (Kossacks, that is). Shown below are some of the photos from this EPIC trip.


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On the Camas Road:

The Camas Road is inside Glacier National Park.

9013 photo DSCN9013_zps676d6530.jpg

9014 photo DSCN9014_zpsdc75500c.jpg

9016 photo DSCN9016_zps37864210.jpg

9017 photo DSCN9017_zpsbff75639.jpg

9019 photo DSCN9019_zps1f103fff.jpg

9020 photo DSCN9020_zpsc738a556.jpg

9024 photo DSCN9024_zps154b6486.jpg

9025 photo DSCN9025_zps83c4e1f5.jpg

9026 photo DSCN9026_zpsf72d6d0b.jpg

9027 photo DSCN9027_zpsaada731e.jpg

9028 photo DSCN9028_zps7fd3ca5d.jpg

9029 photo DSCN9029_zps6e5a5ba8.jpg

9031 photo DSCN9031_zps81d79b45.jpg

On the North Fork Road:

The Outside North Fork Road follows the North Fork River just outside of Glacier Park. It is often dusty and a bit rough.

9035 photo DSCN9035_zpsf453cf00.jpg

9036 photo DSCN9036_zpscdc58afc.jpg

9037 photo DSCN9037_zps28988465.jpg


The small village of Polebridge takes its name for the bridge made out of poles which used to cross the North Fork River into Glacier Park. The original bridge was destroyed in the 1988 Red Bench Forest Fire which almost destroyed the village and has been replaced by a modern structure.

9043 photo DSCN9043_zpsa7112999.jpg

9042 photo DSCN9042_zpsd9c94fb5.jpg

9040 photo DSCN9040_zps927b0aa7.jpg

9038 photo DSCN9038_zps5b8704ca.jpg

9041 photo DSCN9041_zps773d0332.jpg

Polebridge to Kintla:

The road to Kintla within the Park is a one-lane dirt track.

9046 photo DSCN9046_zpsaeee87ce.jpg

9047 photo DSCN9047_zpsf68752c6.jpg

9048 photo DSCN9048_zps48c88b37.jpg

9049 photo DSCN9049_zps120d92a0.jpg

Kintla Lake:

9050 photo DSCN9050_zpsd9a3e9fe.jpg

9052 photo DSCN9052_zps8ef19697.jpg

9054 photo DSCN9054_zps0386a201.jpg

9055 photo DSCN9055_zpsf8766ee8.jpg

9056 photo DSCN9056_zps08ae9cf9.jpg

9057 photo DSCN9057_zps5f89752b.jpg

9058 photo DSCN9058_zps45caafa0.jpg

9059 photo DSCN9059_zpse9b4f681.jpg

9060 photo DSCN9060_zps2ed9e430.jpg

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Originally posted to National Parks and Wildlife Refuges on Mon Jul 01, 2013 at 02:30 PM PDT.

Also republished by Pink Clubhouse.

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