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Man, did the NRA ever send this to the wrong guy.
The above membership card came in the mail today. I assume the NRA thinks I am a gun owner either because I am involved in with some veteran's organizations or because I purchase camping gear from stores that also sell firearms. In this case though, the NRA is wasting their money. I have no desire to belong to an organization that pretends to support gun owners, but is really more interested in increasing the profits of gun manufacturers.

By declining this membership I will be losing the following:

  • 24/7 defense of my Second Amendment freedoms (a.k.a. defense of gun manufacturer profits)
  • Access to not one, but three different award winning NRA propaganda pieces magazines.
  • A free subscription to NRA-ILA Propaganda Grassroots Alert.
  • $7500 in insurance for me and my guns (not that I need it).
  • A personalized membership card and decal (WooHoo, I can advertise that I am in a group that protects the profits of gun manufacturers).
  • FREE admission the NRA's Annual Meetings and exhibits with over 7 acres of guns, gear and outfitters. (I bet I can purchase all sorts of deadly weapons without a background check).
For only $25 a year, normally $35, I can join the fight for the freedoms of gun manufacturers by joining the NRA. Or, if I want to show just how serious I am about protecting the profits on gun manufacturers I can sign up for three years for $75, normally $85.

Why do I need to send money now?

[My] Constitutional right to own a gun is under attack by anti-gun politicians and President Obama's political appointees, global gun ban diplomats at the U.N., militant anti-hunting extremists, radical billionaires and the freedom-hating Hollywood elite.

What do I get when I activate my membership?

A vow to fight on and never surrender...Not until they've banned, confiscated and destroyed our guns, just like they did in England and Australia.
NRA, sorry, I am not buying your line of bullshit, and that is just what it is. You are nothing more than a corporate front group that wants to increase the profits of gun manufacturers - regardless of the cost the American people have to pay with the blood of their children.

So take your fear-mongering invitation for membership and shove it. I want no part of a group that refuses to back simple measures to make Americans safer, and twists a U.N. arms treaty into something it is not to stoke up the fears and paranoia of your membership. Keep your NRA Heavy Duty Duffel Bag and your 9-LED aluminum barrel flashlight. I want no part of an organization that uses fear tactics to push an agenda that will only lead to more unnecessary deaths. We need fewer guns on the streets, not more.


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Originally posted to Mark E. Andersen (Kodiak54) on Mon Jul 01, 2013 at 04:33 PM PDT.

Also republished by Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA) and Shut Down the NRA.

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