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[NJ-Sen] NJ-Sen: Booker in! by Christian Dem in NC - To put it mildly, Booker's nomination changes the complexion of the race. Rush Holt is already in, and Frank Pallone has all but announced he's in as well. While Booker only has $700,000 in the bank, he can easily increase that amount tenfold in a heartbeat. The fact that Bradley has effectively put his thumb on the scale definitely helps as well.

[NY-19] Taking Back The House 2014: Chris Gibson by RVKU - After a minor (planned) hiatus in our series and with the summer about to start revving up, its time to revive our Taking Back The House series! This diary looks at the contest between moderate Republican Rep. Chris Gibson and the openly gay, married to Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, prominent Democratic fundraiser Sean Eldridge. Twitter, Facebook and ActBlue links for Eldridge included.

[NC-Asheville City Council] Scrutiny Hooligans by randallt - Diarist promotes the popular blog of Asheville City Councilman Gordon Smith (D), running for re-election this year in this lovely blue jewel of a city on the Blue Ridge surrounded by a sea of political redness.

Political Geography Part 10: US House Majority/Minority Comparison of 1992 to 2008 and 1994 to 2012 by Stephen Wolf - A look at House districts nationwide and the way they've voted over years, with analysis and projections for how 2014 is likely to go.

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[AK-Sen] AK-Sen: Mark Begich (D) Speaks Out On NSA, GMO Labels & Sexual Assault In The Military by poopdogcomedy - Begichs’ (D) take on many important issues.

[CO-Sen] Senators Udall want a Debate over the Patriot Act by jamess - The Colorado Senator sounds like a guy with his priorities in the right place:

[CO-Sen] CO-Sen: Mark Udall (D), "No proof terrorism stopped by phone records program" by poopdogcomedy - Senator Mark Udall (D. CO) disproves the argument that the NSA surveillance program is meant to keep us safe in the War On Terror:

[DE-Sen] DE-Sen: Chris Coons (D) Fights For Your Right To Vote by poopdogcomedy - Lot’s of info on Sen. Coons and a secure actblue link included in diary.

[GA-Sen] GA-Sen: Is The GOP Afraid Of Michelle Nunn (D)? by poopdogcomedy - Even though Michelle Nunn hasn't announced her candidacy, the NRSC is going after her anyway. A sure sign the GOP is scared of Sam Nunn's popular daughter.

[HI-Sen] HI-Sen: Brian Schatz (D), "I stand with Senator Warren & Students" by poopdogcomedy - Find out why the diarist thinks “the Daily Kos community should get behind Senator Schatz (D) over his opponent, Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa (D. HI-1).  Especially since Hanabusa stated her support for FISA whereas Schatz opposes:”

[HI-Sen] HI-Sen: The Hawaii Government Employees Association Endorses Brian Schatz (D) For U.S. Senate by poopdogcomedy - The Hawaii Government Employees Association (HGEA), Hawaii's largest union representing over 42,000 members, unanimously endorsed Brian Schatz.

[HI-Sen] HI-Sen: The Hawaii Government Employees Association Endorses Brian Schatz (D) For U.S. Senate by poopdogcomedy - The HGEA, Hawaii's largest union representing over 42,000 members, unanimously endorsed Democrat Brian Schatz for Senate in 2014.

[HI-Sen] HI-Sen: Brian Schatz (D) Advocates Ridiculing Climate Change Deniers by poopdogcomedy - This is why I'm so adamant about making sure Senator Brian Schatz (D. HI) beats Rep. Colleen Hanabusa (D. HI-01) in the primary and is elected to a full term next year:

[HI-Sen] End of the trail for anti-labor Democrat in pro-labor Hawai'i? by Karen from Maui - Democrats Colleen Hanabusa and incumbent Brian Schatz have drastically different ideas on unions.

[HI-Sen] Rep Hanabusa "proud" of voting with GOP Against Environment by Karen from Maui - Apparently by her own admission, this is one of Colleen Hanabusa's stand-out accomplishments since being elected to Congress in 2010.  We already have democratic Sen. Brian Schatz in this seat and it looks like there’s no reason to change things.

[HI-Sen] HI-Sen: Brian Schatz's (D-HI) Campaign Effectively Uses Gifs & Memes From The Avengers To Fundraise by poopdogcomedy - An Avengers-themed fundraiser for U.S. Senate in Hawaii candidate Brian Schatz (D).

[IA-Sen] IA-Sen: Bruce Braley (D) Launches Website To Help Veterans Find Benefits by poopdogcomedy - Diarist reports on some of the good things that Rep. Bruce Braley (D IA-01) has been doing. Diary includes information on probable Republican candidates for the Senate race against Braley and a donation link for the Braley campaign.

[KY-Sen] KY-SEN: Alison Grimes Has Had Private Meetings with Harry Reid by pipsorcle - Rumors are flying about whether and when Democrat Alison Grimes might throw her hat into the Senate ring against Mitch McConnell.

[KY-Sen] KY-Sen: Alison Grimes Still Noncommital by pipsorcle - Two democrats have already announced a run but Ms. Grimes is still going through her options.

[KY-Sen] KY-Sen: Norman Ornstein, "Mitch McConnell (R) is either very bad at math or horribly disingenuous" by poopdogcomedy - Republican fossilized turtle Mitch McConnell still doesn't have a formally announced challenger from Kentucky Democrats, but Alison Grimes might fill the bill.

[KY-Sen] KY-Sen: Alison Grimes Close to Running for U.S. Senate? by pipsorcle - Diarist offers video of Alison Grimes which may hint toward her intentions in a challenge to Senator Mitch McConnell in 2014.

[MA-Sen] Gomez losing support from women by Joan McCarter - Diarist has info on the Massachusetts Special Senate Race between Ed Markey (D) & Gabriel Gomez (R).

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: Ed Markey (D), "I will continue my work to protect the privacy of individuals" - poopdogcomedy - Diarist covers the Massachusetts Special Senate race between Ed Markey (D) and Gabriel Gomez (R).

[MA-Sen] Largest Spanish-language newspaper in Massachusetts endorses Markey by Joan McCarter - Diartist has info on an endorsment for Ed Markey (D) in the Massachusetts special Senate race with Gabriel Gomez (R).

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: Loser Scott Brown (R) Returns To Help Fellow Loser Gabriel Gomez (R) by poopdogcomedy - Diarist has info on the specail Sanate raci in Massachusetts between Ed Markey (D) & Gabriel Gomez (R).

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: Why Markey is Going to Win Big by NMLib - Nice collection of all the good reasons Ed Markey (D) will take John Kerry's senate seat in the special election over Republican Gabriel Gomez.

[MA-Sen]MA-Sen: Check Out Ed Markey's (D) Great Ad Attaching Gabriel Gomez (R) To Mitch McConnell by poopdogcomedy - Video of Markey's ew ad and reports about it.

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: Stephen Lynch (D) Campaigns For Ed Markey (D) by poopdogcomedy - Markey’s former primary opponent, Stephen Lynch goes to bat for Markey (D) in his campaign against Gabriel Gomez (R).

[MA-Sen] Elizabeth Warren, Markey's not-so-secret weapon by Joan McCarter - Mitch McConnell and Gabriel Gomez didn't count on one thing when McConnell sent out an email fundraiser for the Republican candidate: Elizabeth Warren. McConnell sent out an email to his list on Friday saying that he'd match donations up to $32,000, with the message that a "Republican majority in the Senate begins with your support today." Warren responded with an email to her list asking to match McConnell. She didn't match it, she doubled it. As of Sunday afternoon, Warren had raised $65,000 for Markey.

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: Gabriel Gomez (R) Tries To Distance Himself From Mitch McConnell, GOP by poopdogcomedy - “This week, Markey and Gomez discussed their tax policies.  This is what this race is all about in my opinion:”

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: Ed Markey (D) Goes After Gabriel Gomez (R) For Supporting The Chained CPI by poopdogcomedy - Ed Markey told senior citizens that he will protect Social Security benefits while his opponent in the June 25th special election, Gabriel Gomez (R), supports the chained CPI.

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: President Obama Coming To Boston Next Week To Stump For Ed Markey (D) by poopdogcomedy - President Obama is headed to Boston next Wednesday to campaign and fundraise for Ed Markey in his quest to earn John Kerry's seat.

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: Barney Frank & Debbie Wasserman Schultz Campaign For Ed Markey (D) by poopdogcomedy - More big names have been coming out campaigning for Congressman Ed Markey (D. MA) in his bid to fill Secretary of State John Kerry's (D. MA) Senate seat.  Former Congressman Barney Frank (D. MA) hit the campaign trail for his old colleague:

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: Elizabeth Warren (D), "Ed Markey (D) has been a champion for women's rights" by poopdogcomedy - Markey's opponent, Gabriel Gomez (R. MA), is trying to paint himself as a Washington outside in an attempt to win over support. But Markey brilliantly shot back and called out Gomez's support from top establishment Republicans.

[MA-Sen] Markey ad hits Gomez in lead-up to Tuesday debate by Joan McCarter - Markey ad presented on the day of the second televised debate between Gabriel Gomez (R) and Ed Markey (D).

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: The Fix's 7 Best Joe Biden Quotes From The Ed Markey (D) Fundraiser by poopdogcomedy - Some great pix and quips from Joe Biden at Ed Markey's big fundraiser heading into the home stretch of the June 25th special election.

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: Bill Clinton & Elizabeth Warren Rile Up The Base For Ed Markey (D) by poopdogcomedy - The Big Dog does what he does best.

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: Gabriel Gomez (R), "If I lose on Tuesday, I shall return" by poopdogcomedy - Threat?  Warning?  However way you take it, Gabriel Gomez (R. MA) is vowing that despite the outcome on Tuesday, this won't be the last we'll see of him.

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: Tomorrow We Make Ed Markey (D) U.S. Senator From Massachusetts by poopdogcomedy - Tomorrow is the big day Massachusetts voters go to the polls to choose between Congressman Ed Markey (D. MA) or businessman Gabriel Gomez (R. MA) in who will fill Secretary of State John Kerry's (D. MA) U.S. Senate seat.  From The latest Suffolk University poll, it looks like the majority of voters prefer Markey over Gomez.

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: Joe Biden Fires Up The Base For Ed Markey (D) by poopdogcomedy - In a final push toward the June 25th special election for John Kerry's senate seat, Vice President Joe Biden was on the stump for Markey in an event at Dartmouth.

[MA-Sen] MA-Sen: The Big Day Is Here! Vote For Ed Markey (D)! Polls Close At 8 PM! by poopdogcomedy - The big day has a confident Markey with somewhere between a 7 and 20 point lead over Republican Gabriel Gomez for John Kerry's vacated Senate seat.

[MA-Sen] Ed Markey handily wins special election for Senate seat in Massachusetts by Lefty Coaster - An enthusiastic celebration of Democrat Ed Markey's big win to finish out John Kerry's Senate term.

[MI-Sen] MI-Sen: Gary Peters (D) To Introduce Bill To Study Effects Of Pet Coke This Week by poopdogcomedy - This week he plans on introducing legislation that will study the potential health and environmental risks of pet coke.  Link to help Peters win the seat being vacated by Sen. Levin included.

[MI-Sen] MI-Senate: Terri Lynn Land up to bat for the GOP by Brainwrap - For several months now, the Michigan GOP has been hemming and hawing about who's going to take on MI-14 Representative Gary Peters to replace U.S. Senator Carl Levin next year.

[MI-Sen] MI-Sen: PPP Has Gary Peters (D) Kicking Some Serious GOP Butt! by poopdogcomedy - Breakdown of the PPP polling in the 2014 Michigan Senate race, showing Democrat Gary Peters' lead margins against 8 different potential Republican candidates.

[MI-Sen] MI-Sen: Gary Peters (D) Can Help Make The Senate Greener by poopdogcomedy - Peters and Senator Brian Schatz (D. Hi) in my opinion are two of the most environmentally friendly newcomers running for Senate next year.  Peters' record in the House proves he's the type of guy we need in the U.S. Senate.

[MT-Sen] MT-Sen: Momentum For The Draft Brian Schweitzer (D) For Senate Campaign Continues To Grow by poopdogcomedy - Update on the organized campaign to draft Montana ex-governor Brian Schweitzer to run for retiring Max Baucus's seat.

[MT-Sen] MT-Sen: PPP Shows This Race Is A Toss Up Even With Brian Schweitzer (D) As The Nominee by poopdogcomedy - Breakdown of the PPP polling for likely Dem and Rep candidates for the 2014 Senate race for retiring Senator Max Baucus' seat.

[NC-Sen] NC-Sen: DSCC Makes State House Speaker Thom Tillis (R) The Face Of NC GOP Extremism by poopdogcomedy - One of Art Pope's nastiest foot soldiers has stepped forward to challenge Democratic Senator Kay Hagan. So the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee wasted no time in highlighting Tillis' ALEC toady credentials.

[NH-Sen] NH-Sen: Amy Klobuchar (D. MN) Fundraises For Jeanne Shaheen (D) by poopdogcomedy - Minnesota Democrat Amy Klobuchar has sent out a fundraising appeal for Senator Jeanne Shaheen's (D. NH) re-election. ActBlue link at the bottom of the diary.

[NJ-Sen] NJ Sen: Actions today pretty much ensure Sen. Cory Booker come October by gf120581 -  After the events of today, I'd say his odds have gone from "heavy favorite" to "all but assured of victory." Why do I say this? Let's take a look.

[NJ-Sen] Newark NJ Mayor Cory Booker Democrat Announces His Run For US Senate by rebal ga - Diarist has info on the New Jersey special Senate race

[NJ-Sen] NJ GOP insiders say Christie may go to extremes to avoid being on same ballot w/Booker by bobswern - Very interesting take on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's dilemma over what to do about filling Senator Frank Lautenberg's now-vacant seat, and the likelihood that Newark Mayor Cory Booker will head the Dem ticket.

[NJ-Sen]NJ SEN: Dick Armey, other Republicans throw tantrum over Christie's special election decision by gf120581 - Republican governor Chris Christie is getting flack for the blatant political factors in his decision on holding a special election to replace Frank Lautenberg in October rather than simply appoint a Republican replacement.

[NJ-Sen] NJ-Sen: Booker in! by Christian Dem in NC - To put it mildly, Booker's nomination changes the complexion of the race.  Rush Holt is already in, and Frank Pallone has all but announced he's in as well.  While Booker only has $700,000 in the bank, he can easily increase that amount tenfold in a heartbeat.  The fact that Bradley has effectively put his thumb on the scale definitely helps as well.

[NJ-Sen] How do Frank Pallone and Rush Holt Talk about Social Security on their NJ Sen Campaign Sites? by Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees - When I found out this morning that Frank Pallone had officially entered the NJ Senate race, I decided to check out his campaign website.  Like Holt, he had a full campaign website up and running. Cory Booker does not have a substantive site up yet.  I expect Pallone and Holt were able to do so as quickly as they did because they could just adapt the websites from their House races.

[NJ-Sen] NJ-SEN: A Preview Of The New Jersey Senate Democratic Primary by RVKU - Analysis of where things stand moving into the NJ Dem primary and Cory Booker's chances for the nomination in the Senate race.

[SD-Sen] SD-Sen: Mike Rounds (R) Rejects Rick Weiland's (D) Call For Capping Outside Campaign Donations by poopdogcomedy - Looks like U.S. Senate candidate Rick Weiland (D) is pulling a page from Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey's book in calling for his opponent, former governor Mike Rounds (R) to take a People's Pledge on outside group campaign contributions.

[SD-Sen] SD-Sen: Rick Weiland (D) Vows To Make Reversing Citizens United His First Act In The U.S. Senate by poopdogcomedy - U.S. Senate candidate, Rick Weiland (D), just might be my favorite underdog of the 2014 election season.

[SD-Sen] SD-Sen: The Great Plains Tribal Chairman's Association Endorses Rick Weiland (D) For U.S. Senate by poopdogcomedy - The Great Plains Tribal Chairman's Association announced Wednesday that it was backing Rick Weiland (D), who has run for Congress once before, because it believed he had stood strong on native issues. Link to help Weiland in this race against probable candidate former Governor Mike Rounds (R. SD) is included in the diary.

[Var-Sen] Senate Democrats running on, not from, Obamacare by Joan McCarter - The handful of Senate Democrats up for reelection in 2014 in tough states have decided to embrace Obamacare, taking the opportunity of its implementation coinciding with the midterm elections to remind constituents of its benefits and to make sure they understand and can use them.


[AL-01] AL-01: Alabama Democratic Party Says Special Election Race to Replace Jo Bonner is Winnable by pipsorcle - New chair of the Alabama Democratic Party is confident that Dems can mount a winning campaign for the 1st CD being vacated by Republican Jo Bonner.

[CA-10] Taking Back The House 2014: Jeff Denham by RVKU - Jeff Denham (R) has been in Congress since, you guessed it, the Republican wave year of 2010. Campaign links for Michael Eggman (D) included.

[CA-12] Why Nancy Pelosi could lose re-election in her home district in 2014 by DownstateDemocrat - California's top-two primary system, in which all candidates, regardless of party affiliation, run in a single primary, and the two candidates who receive the most votes in the primary advance to the general election, could mean the end of Democratic U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's storied political career in 2014.

[IA&IL-Var] Further research on 50 vulnerable House Republicans: Iowa and Illinois by plf515 - Iowa and Illinois are examined for possibilities in this installment.

[IL-10] Changing My Mind in IL-10? Maybe. by ebgill - Diarist considers the wisdom of mounting a primary challenge to "Meh Democrat" Brad Schneider. Could the 10th District do better?

[MA-05] MA-05: Karen Spilka campaign kick-off 7/1 at 7 PM in Framingham by AnotherMassachusettsLiberal - State Senator Karen Spilka (D - Ashland) has announced the grand opening of her campaign office and the kickoff of her campaign for the seat vacated by Ed Markey as he assumes his new duties as Massachusetts' junior senator.

[MI-Var] Further research on 50 vulnerable House Republicans: Michigan by plf515 - Now, it's time for more research. Twitter handles. Positions. Dumbass statements. A start on this is below the fold; since this involves a lot of work and a lot of text, I'm dividing it up by state.  Previously California and Colorado and Florida; Iowa and Illinois. And now, Michigan.

[MN & NE-Var] Further research on 50 vulnerable House Republicans: Minnesota and Nebraska by plf515 - Diarist checks Minnesota and Nebraska for possible pick-ups.

[NY-19] Taking Back The House 2014: Chris Gibson by RVKU - After a minor (planned) hiatus in our series and with the summer about to start revving up, its time to revive our Taking Back The House series! This diary looks at the contest between moderate Republican Rep. Chris Gibson and the openly gay, married to Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, prominent Democratic fundraiser Sean Eldridge. Twitter, Facebook and ActBlue links for Eldridge included.

[OH-Var] Further research on 50 vulnerable House Republicans: Ohio by plf515 - Diarist takes an in-depth look at vulnerable Republican House members from Ohio, and possible Dems who could oust them.

[PA-08] PA-08: James Carville Campaigns For Iraq War Veteran, Kevin Strouse (D) by poopdogcomedy - Received this e-mail today from the Ragin' Cajun himself in support of Iraqg War Veteran Kevin Strouse's (D. PA-08) campaign to unseat Tea Party Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (R. PA-08):

[PA-13] PA-13: Check Out These Upcoming Events To Meet PA's Liberal Lion, Daylin Leach (D) by poopdogcomedy - Diarist has an e-mail from Pennsylvania's Liberal Lion, State Senator Dayling Leach (D. PA-13) who is running for Congresswoman and Gubernatorial Candidate Allyson Schwartz's (D. PA-13) congressional seat.

[PA-13] PA-13: A Fight for the Heart and Soul of the Democratic Party by DownstateDemocrat - Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz's entrance into the Governor's race has left heavily democratic 13th district without an incumbent seeking re-election. A look at the likely candidates.

[PA-13] PA-13: Daylin Leach's (D) Rocky Themed Campaign Rakes In The Fundraising Cash by poopdogcomedy - Daylin Leach has a thing for Rocky. He is hosting a fundraiser for his bid for the 13th District seat in congress, and it has a Rocky theme.

[PA-13] PA-13: Daylin Leach (D) Wants To Bring The Fight To Legalize Marijuana To Congress by poopdogcomedy - A look at Democrat Daylin Leach's bid for the U.S. Congress in Pennsylvania's 13th district and his support for legalizing marijuana.

[PA-Var] Further research on 50 vulnerable House Republicans: Pennsylvania by plf515 – Blow by blow on PA’s close seats.

[Var-House] Yes, Markos, We Can Win The House in 2014 by Dbug - Markos (aka Kos), the boss of this site, is a really smart guy. He wrote something today, House is within reach in 2014. Really. and I agree with most of what he said. I especially agree with the idea that we can win the House in 2014. This diary started as a short reply to his essay and then I wrote more and more and it got longer and longer, so I’m posting it as a separate diary. More below the Orange Julius Muus (I‘ll explain that reference if anyone cares).

State, County, Local and More-21

[FL-Gov] Countering the arguments against Charlie Christ not running in 2014 by saintpetersblog - Diarist lists five good reasons switchover Democrat Charlie Christ needs to run for governor in 2014 to counter Miami New Times reporter Terrence McCoy's five reasons why Christ won't run for governor.

[FL-St.House-02] URGENT FL House Special Election: Help Democrat Jeremy Lau Beat a Teabagger by Zwoof - On June 11-14 District  voters will elect a replacement for deceased Rep. Clay Ford. Democrat Jeremy Lau and Mike Hill (R) are vying for the seat.

[IL-Gov] Will downstate Illinois support Bill Daley for Governor? by Willinois - Ex-Obama chief of staff Bill Daley has announced his candidacy on the Democratic side for the 2014 Illinois governor's race against Republican incumbent Pat Quinn.

[KY-HD-56] Kentucky HD-56 Special Election by SouthernINDem - Diarist offers a primer on the June 25th special election in House District 56. The seat is open because Carl Rollins (D-Midway) took a state job.

[ME-Gov] ME-Gov: Colleen Lachowicz endorses Mike Michaud by tying Paul LePage to Scott Walker by DownstateDemocrat - Now, Democratic State Sen. Colleen Lachowicz, whose 2012 state senate race garnered national attention after being attacked by Republicans for playing the video game World of Warcraft, is now trying to rally anti-LePage Mainers around Democratic U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud, who is running against LePage in the upcoming 2014 gubernatorial election, and Lachowicz put out this statement tying LePage to Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

[MI-Gov] MI-Gov: PPP Has Mark Schauer (D) Beating Rick Snyder (R) By 4 Points! by poopdogcomedy - Great news! PPP's first poll of the Michigan governor's race since Mark Schauer's entry finds the Democrat leading incumbent teabagger Rick Snyder 42/38. This can go higher...

[NC-Asheville City Council] Scrutiny Hooligans by randallt - Diarist promotes the popular blog of Asheville City Councilman Gordon Smith (D), running for re-election this year in this lovely blue jewel of a city on the Blue Ridge surrounded by a sea of political redness.

[NJ-Gov] Why Chris Christie Must be Defeated - For the Good of America by deciminyan - By all accounts, Christie will coast to victory against his Democratic opponent, State Senator Barbara Buono, this November. Diarist discusses why Democrats need to come together and make sure this doesn't happen.

[NJ-Gov] Barbara Buono on Marriage Equality by deciminyan - Video of Democrat Barbara Buono speaking on marriage equality.  Buono is running against Governor Chris Christie (R) who has railed against the overturning of DOMA.

[NYC-City Council] NYC Council Race: Yetta Kurland vs. Derivatives Man by clenchner - Very nice intro for activist Yetta Kurland, running for City Council in this year's city elections. Her opponent is Corey Johnson, representing Wall Street's robber barons.

[PA-Gov] PA-Gov: Gov. Maggie Hassan (D. NH) Campaigns For Allyson Schwartz (D) by poopdogcomedy - Diarist covers the Pensylvannia Governors Race between Allyson Schwartz (D) and incumbent Tom Corbett (R).

[PA-Gov] PA-Gov: Local Hispanic Leaders Give Tom Corbett (R) "Binder Full Of Latinos" by poopdogcomedy - In other news, Corbett's opponent, Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz (D. PA-13), was praised for her work for veterans in local press.

[PA-Gov] PA-Gov: The Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal Will Make Tom Corbett (R) A One Term Governor by poopdogcomedy - Great look at the sex-abuse scandal at Penn State is threatening to end Republican Governor Tom Corbett's political career. Democrat Alyson Schwartz is his opponent in the 2014 election.

[PA-Gov] Max Myers: Democratic Candidate for PA Governor on Progressive Issues {VIDEO) by ProgressivePatriotPA - Diarist offers a video of Max Myers, candidate for governor in the PA Democratic primary, talking about issues important to progressives.

[TX-Gov] Wendy Davis will run for governor … if you have her back by kos - Wendy Davis wants to know if you'll have her back. And yes, since it will take lots of money to pick up Texas, drop a few bucks for her campaign. ActBlue link inside the diary.

[TX-St.Sen] Texas re-redistricting Part IV: The State Senate by demographicarmageddon - A look at the Texas state senate districts and Democratic chances in the next election.

[VA-AG] 1st & ONLY Woman Elected to Statewide Office in VA Endorses Mark Herring for Atty General by lowkell - Diarist has info on the Virginia Attorney General Democratic Primary.

[VA-Gov] VA-Gov: Paul Begala Lists The Reasons Ken Cuccinelli (R) Is Crazy & Bad For Virginia by poopdogcomedy - Along with Begala's list the diary contains fundraising links for the Democratic Governors Association and Democrat Terry McAuliffe's campaign against Cuccinelli.

[VA-Primary] Voted in Virginia Primary by Sharkmeister - Diarist describes his voting experience in the June 11th Virginia Democratic primary.

[WI-AD78] WI-AD-78: Brett Hulsey considering leaving Democratic Party by DownstateDemocrat - Democratic Wisconsin State Assemblyman Brett Hulsey is considering switching his affiliation to the Republicans. Where he just might fit in with the He-Man Woman Haters Club...

[WI-Gov] Russ Feingold will NOT run against Scott Walker in 2014 by DownstateDemocrat - From former Senator Russ Feingold's (D) statements at the Wisconsin Democrats' state convention, he will not be challenging Republican Governor Scott Walker in 2014. Feingold did not, however, rule out the Senate in 2016.


Political Geography Part 10: US House Majority/Minority Comparison of 1992 to 2008 and 1994 to 2012 by Stephen Wolf - A look at House districts nationwide and the way they've voted over years, with analysis and projections for how 2014 is likely to go.

President Obama's sorely needed new litmus test for voters. by RLMiller - The diarist and a partner are “setting up a voter accountability project, Climate Hawks Vote, to help elect only those Democrats who will prioritize the climate crisis. We'll educate voters on candidates' climate records; we'll back serious Democrats against Republicans; we'll publicize state- and lower-level races with climate/clean energy implications; we'll primary climate-friendly Democrats against fossil-fueled ones. Our backers include Darcy Burner, Van Jones, and Bill McKibben among others.”

Republicans prevent former felons being informed of voting rights by ericf - According to Minnesota Public Radio, Republicans, or rather one specific Republican State Senator Scott Newman was able to prevent former felons being informed of when their voting rights are restored.

GOTV --> GOT-ID? A New Civil Rights, post-VRA Rallying Point Against Voter Suppression/Jim Crow by Kombema - GOT I.D.? Now that the racist activist GOP SCOTUS majority have turned back time toward a new Jim Crow era, we need a new civil rights movement in response.

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