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Is that a gun in your pocket, or the beginning of a Republican romance novel?
See, here's the problem. People think that "Republican candidate put forth to represent moralizing godbotherers" and "person who writes erotic near-porn fiction novels" are contradictory things. I assure you they are most certainly not, because consistency among godbotherers is a nonexistent thing:
A Colorado Springs author vying to represent the GOP in a fall recall election of Democratic Senate President John Morse has drawn ire from some constituents for her hot-and-heavy prose.

For much of the past decade, Jaxine Bubis has written novels under the pseudonym "Jaxine Daniels," and in one of her pieces describes herself as a "grammy who writes erotic romance."

First off, Colorado Springs is the source for paranoid godbothering, it is their prime source of industry, which makes this just a tiny bit hilarious. Also funny is that the whole thing plays out not against the predictable backdrop of godbothering, but the current maniacal obsession among various sections of the state GOP with making sure everybody in the state gets to shoot everybody else or get shot trying:
Bubis' writings came to light in an e-mail blast from Paul Paradis, a well known Colorado Springs gunshop owner. Paradis helped spearhead organizers to gather enough signatures to spark a recall of Morse, who represents Senate District 11 in El Paso County.

"I was absolutely aghast," he said. "This is a person supported by the Christian right and conservative lawmakers. They just wanted to jump for the most conservative person in the room and that's stupid."

Stop implying that writing disturbing porn-based fiction isn't conservative! Good God, man, you do not want to start a "staunch conservative who has written incredibly creepy porn" war with me, I will break out Bill O'Reilly paragraphs that will put permanent stains on your cortex.

Paridis is a supporter of the other GOP candidate, who he is "old friends" with, but all parties agree that the important thing is that we get this all ironed out so that Colorado Springs religious conservatives can go back to reading their porn and their gun shop owners can get on with the more important work of making sure people want to murder people in Colorado don't have to reload after the first 15 shots because Jesus and/or Freedom demands that.


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