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night owl
NewsWorks, via Atrios:
Weight limits on aging bridges across Pennsylvania may be in place by the fall.

The move would be a direct result of the failure to pass a $2 billion transportation-funding plan in the state Legislature.

PennDOT has 1,200 bridges in its sights that would be weight-restricted — meaning certain vehicles would have to find detours.

At issue is an apparent Republican inability to muster the votes for the spending bill in the GOP-led House. The House will take up the bill again in the fall, though likely not in time to avert the new restrictions.

Someday we're going to get a full accounting of just how much recent "austerity" eventually cost us in terms of overall GDP, and it's not going to be pretty. Then we're going to do the same thing again next time because it's not about getting the trucks where the trucks need to go or getting the jobs to the people that need the jobs, it's about the ideological necessity of self-inflicted harm. The harm itself is considered the more noble path.

Well, that or they're just incompetent.

Blast from the Past. At Daily Kos on this date in 2009Palin secedes from office. Also.:

So Sarah Palin has resigned. From four colleges. From her job with the Oil & Gas Commission. And now finally, from her job as governor.

Highly unusual for someone once so determined to climb the political ladder that she stayed on in Texas to deliver a speech to the Republican Governors' Association, even as she went into labor with her fifth child. But, hey, that's Sarah. Also.

Now, my first thought was that she merely meant that she was tired and wanted to recline, but alas, she left little doubt about her actual intentions with her extended, often rambling speech, during which the local waterfowl laughed repeatedly.

Palin's first draft, by the way, reportedly began: "When in the course of human... stuff... (also)."

It's truly been an amazing few weeks for the America, as we found out that GOP governors celebrate Father's Day with adultery, and July 4th by resigning from office.

Tweet of the Day:

Deal: Egypt gets Snowden, Russia gets Morsi, the US gets Pussy Riot and Ecuador gets Rick Perry. #everybodywins

Today's "encore" of Kagro in the Morning is our July 6, 2012 show, featuring Greg Dworkin rounding up jobs report & presidential polling news and Steve Singiser adding his look at the Tea Party-driven implosion in Republican Senate primaries. Other topics: Derp News from Louisiana, where a religious school voucher program caught legislators by surprise when they found out that Islam is a religion. More about Mitt Romney's weird offshore tax shelters. Rent-seeking in privatized prisons & probation. (Remember when we were saying with regard to surveillance that at least private companies can't arrest you? Hmm!) And hey, municipal bond rackets, too.

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