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Dear Mr. President,

I’m not a terrorist.  I can’t prove a negative, but I’ll do all I can to differentiate myself from those I perceive to be engaged in acts of terrorism.

I’ve never preemptively invaded a nation based on lies, nor have I ever associated myself with anyone who has authorized such action.

I’ve never dispersed radioactive munitions throughout a region, with seemingly zero regard for its impact on a civilian human population, nor associated with anyone who has authorized such action.

I’ve never bombed Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia or Yemen.

I’ve never been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent men, women, and children… killed while they were playing, conversing, eating or sleeping soundly in their homes.

I’ve never tortured a person to death, nor have I refused to prosecute those who have.

I’ve never killed an American citizen I suspected of being a bad person.

I’ve never killed an American teenager.

I’ve never killed a civilian first responder who was aiding a wounded person.

I’ve never bombed a wedding reception, or a funeral.

I’ve never kidnapped someone, and held them indefinitely without a trial.

I’ve never kidnapped someone for exposing a crime, and forced them to live in 6 x 12 windowless prison cell.

I’ve never force-fed someone, nor have I authorized such action.

I’ve never impeded someones access to food or medicine with “crippling sanctions.”

I’ve never provided arms to drug cartels who have killed American citizens.

I’ve never had scientists in another nation murdered, nor associated with anyone I’ve suspected has participated in or authorized such action.

I’ve never made a list of people to kill.

I’ve never done anything I could imagine might give someone the impression that I’m a terrorist.  So.. Mr. President.. I must ask..  Why are you spying on me?  Also, could you direct me to a place where I might be able to report someone who has engaged in some of the aforementioned acts of terror?


A concerned citizen



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