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    The latest evidence in the Trayvon Martin case is;
(1) that none of Trayvon's DNA was found on the gun that killed Trayvon despite the claim by Trayvon's killer that Trayvon had actually grabbed the gun prior to being shot, (2) that none of the killer's DNA was found under the fingernails of Trayvon despite the killer's claim that Trayvon had slammed the killer's head against a concrete sidewalk,
(3) that, despite the killer denying that the killer knew anything about Florida's Stand-Your-Ground law, the killer actually obtained an A in a class in which the Stand-Your-Ground law was taught, and (4) that the injuries which the killer claimed were inflicted by Trayvon were not serious, and did not reflect the blunt force trauma to the head that Trayvon's killer claimed he suffered.  
     Thus, it is clear, from the forensic evidence above, that Trayvon did nothing on the night he was killed to have justified a reasonable belief in the mind of Trayvon's killer that Trayvon was about to seriously injure or kill the killer of Trayvon.  Under Florida law, then, deadly force was not justified.
     So, if Trayvon was not threatening his killer with deadly force, why was Trayvon singled out for the special attention of a killer who referred to Trayvon as part of a group of  "f_ _ _ king punks" who always got away with committing crimes?  What crime did Trayvon commit on the night he was killed?
     It was the crime committed by all African-Americans in the immediate aftermath of the U.S. Civil War, i.e., the crime of simply wanting to be treated in the same manner as white people were treated.  It is that daily threat from African-Americans, i.e., of wanting America to live up to the full equality-for-all which is expressly manifested in its creed and constitution, that is a poke-in-the-eye to organizations like the National Rifle Association and the American courts which view equality for all as a mechanism which could put both organizations out of business.  After all, if personal merit was the sole criterion for advancement in the USA, carrying a loaded AR-15 to political gatherings would be viewed as a hallmark of insanity.  If equality for all were rigorously enforced by every state government, in addition to enforcement by the executive and legislative branches of the federal government, the courts would soon be out of business for disputes are the lifeblood of the courts.
     From the founding of this country, only one group, African-Americans, has continuously battled the courts to gain legal recognition of the fact that African-Americans should have equal rights.  All other groups in this country have benefited from the life-and-death struggle for equal rights by African-Americans.
     Even after the Civil War, when new constitutional amendments and new laws were enacted to provide African-Americans with equal rights, the courts turned a blind eye as non-African-Americans took up arms to violently deprive African-Americans of the rights they had gained in the Civil War.  It was a particularly virulent form of terrorism which focused solely on racial background in deciding who would live and who would die.  But more than just the genocidal targeting of African-Americans, that post-Civil War terrorism struck at the heart of the USA's goal of becoming a country where all people would be respected, and prevented the USA from realizing its stated destiny of E Pluribus Unum where different races of people from every country in the world would become one race of people based on justice.
     Perhaps, then, it is still the wish of the courts to nullify the post-Civil War amendments which granted equal rights for all, and that one of the groups pushing the agenda of the courts is the National Rifle Association.  Perhaps the killing of Trayvon Martin was a test case to determine if the post-Civil War terrorism against African-Americans could be re-ignited under the banner of Stand-Your-Ground laws.  If Trayvon's killer was just a tool of the National Rifle Association and the courts, then no African-American is truly safe from this time forward.  And if African-Americans are diverted, from their continuing battle with the courts over equal rights, by the need to ward off legalized lynchings which are inherent in the Stand-Your-Ground laws, then this day of July 4, 2013 might go down as the last time that all Americans could fully celebrate the American Independence Day.  It is a particular irony that one constitutional provision, the Second Amendment, could be used by right-wing organizations and conservative judges to nullify the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments in the 21st Century through the same violence which nullified the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments in the 19th and 20th centuries.


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