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Okay, for years I have applied a test whenever I meet a new doctor, whether it’s as a colleague, socially, or as a patient.

“Got time? Got a reflex hammer? Wondering if you can help me with this symptom I’m having,” it starts.

Almost any implement will do if a reflex hammer is not available. Most docs don’t seem to carry one these days.


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crossposted from my other blog. I am in Nepal again, teaching critical care nursing skills, and if you want to read about healthcare in a country with no national system whatsoever you can check out my blog. www.joeniemczura.wordpress.com

I did this on a transpacific flight too, once, for a gorgeous babe across the aisle, who giggled and said "I have that too! Does your migrate like mine?!?!?" After which a nine-hour flight seemed to be over in a half-hour. But I digress.

It's a test of the sense of humor. If the doctor in question does not laugh immediately, I make a mental note never to seek assistance from that person no matter how dire.

So, I sit.

And tap the right  patellar reflex zone, upon which

the left leg jumps.

Get it?

Last evening I was introduced to a young veterinarian from Galway, here to volunteer with an NGO that spays and neuters the many stray critters of this town. Mostly dogs.  ( Nepal needs this.....yes it does).

"You learn about large mammals in vet school, don't you?" Sez I.

"Yes,  mainly cattle, pigs and horses."

"Well, I wonder if you can explain this symptom I have been having? Got a reflex hammer?"

"Vets don't usually use that tool," he sez warily.

"Watch." And I showed him my reflex.

He laughed, an unselfconscious Irish laugh. With a wide grin he said:

"Saints be praised," he said, then turned serious, "I'm afraid you're going to have to be put down. Wait right here. I'll be back in a minute with a syringe."

Simply not on the list of  answers any family practice doc ever gave me.


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