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Is it a "conspiracy theory" when there really is a conspiracy?  Do we prohibit discussion of how we were rushed into Iraq because there really was conspiracy to make war happen?  It was a conspiracy, but we have been trained to not use the word "conspiracy" even when we all agree it is right there in our faces.

This is a mistake, because the public loves conspiracies, and low information voters have been trained to blame everything on omnipresent CTs peddled by right wing radio.  Use the word "conspiracy" and they salivate like Pavlov's dog.

Republicans have launched a simultaneous power grab across the country.  But because it happening at the state level, it is escaping the notice of the national media.  In Ohio, antiabortion rules were secretly attached to the budget.  In Texas, Rick Perry has suspended the legislative rules and declared a special holiday session of the state legislature.  Michigan and North Carolina are all on board.  

Each states legislative process and constitution has been scrutinized for weak spots where the usual rules can be ignored. The bills were written and sent to each state ahead of time. And each state has used a similar  strategy of ramming through these abortion bans without public debate or press coverage.  

Was this  organized around the 4th of July holiday, or was the starting gun the SCOTUS ruling on the VRA?  Possibly both - they knew the ruling would come around the 4th of July.  And radical changes to the voting laws are in progress in all these states as well.

Pretty clearly, these efforts are being directed by what amounts to a conspiracy directed by a privately controlled GOP shadow government. Does anyone disagree?

This is the time to steal their talking points about "conspiracies," as the GOP has done to Democrats so often in the past.

Then we can challenge the  conservative media by demanding to know why they are participating in this conspiracy. And we can tell the voter in the GOP supermajority states that their sovereignty has been taken by the GOP and a bunch of out-of-state carpetbaggers.

But what's missing is a leaker who will divulge the game plan, a document that surely exists.  Maybe a loud enough protest will convince someone that there is audience for a leak.  Surely there are some disgruntled employees out there.  Maybe Anonymous can get involved. 


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Originally posted to bernardpliers on Sun Jul 07, 2013 at 09:59 AM PDT.

Also republished by American Legislative Transparency Project.

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