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Hello Mr. President, you wouldn't remember me because we've never met.  Although I donated one helleva lot of money to your 2012 campaign and knocked a helluva lot of doors in my neighborhood and then flew to Colorado and spent a week and a lot of hours knocking doors in Denver, and still have not gotten my pony, that's not why I am writing.

I'm writing because this sequestration bullshit is hurting our Veterans and the people who care for them.


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I read an article in the local rag today about what the “sequestration” furloughs are going to do to Veterans and their families here in the Puget Sound.  And I heard a story on the local NPR about what the furloughs are going to do to the people who we employ to care for our heroes.

I'm sorry, but WTF?  No.  Seriously, WTF???

Look, I'm an educated and informed citizen.  You needn't explain to me how it is nearly impossible to get the Republican Congresscritters to do anything for our country.  Heck, you and I know they seem hell bent to punish us all because you are both a Democrat and (OMG!) black.  But Republican intransigence and Congressional Democratic caution are excuses.

Look, let me cut to the chase.  The other day while you were in Africa someone asked if you were going to get to Kenya, and you replied you got 3 years.  True enough.

But, get this, if you have learned anything in the past 5 years you've learned that 3 years ain't enough time to get things done with this Congress.

We, the people that busted our humps to get you re-elected, did so because we hoped you would bust hump to get things done in a second term.

You are not living up to your own expectations.  You are not living up to mine.  And you damn sure are not living up to the expectations of the Vets and their families and the hospital staff that supports them here in Puget Sound.  We need you to figure out TODAY that there are no vacations nor breaks between now and January 2017.

Quite frankly Mr. President, you need to be the stereotypical “angry black man” your critics accused you of being and just tell the truth about them and until they think it's Hell.  It is long past time for you to realize that your opponents are not to be reasoned with.


Because injured Veterans deserve no less.  You know it.  I know it.  You've got less time than you think.  Get busy!

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