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So the Florida judge OK'dtestimony about Trayvon Martin's pot usage in the trial.

If the prosecution doesn't bring in 3 experts to tell everyone who hasn't smoked pot, or won't admit to it, in the courtroom to tell EXACTLY how being under the influence of marijuana affects the average person, he's missing a HUGE opportunity to nail Zimmerman's coffin. Hell, the prosecution should hope that Trayvon's tox screening comes back that he was deliriously high during the incident!


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Since when does smoking pot make anyone aggressive?

Since when does it make one stronger?

Since when does taking a bong hit make you want to fight?

Apparently though, there's still some extremely ignorant (moronic?) folks out there that don't understand Marijuana:

Ronald G Miner Jr · Follow ·  Top Commenter · Southern Wesleyan University
NO, but if he did jump on Zimmerman it would certainly increase his stamina making him hard to subdue, or in this case get away from.
David Brockett ·  Top Commenter · Muenster, Texas
Depends on what else was in it..guess the report would show if other drugs were involved. It is clear that paranoia is a common side effect of regular pot use and THAT could have affected how he perceived Zimmerman.
It was the pot, not the beefy guy stalking him in his car and then on foot.
William Lambert · University of Michigan
Isn't the appropriate point that smoking pot is illegal - and a person who does one illegal thing is more likely to do other illegal things?

Also, have to throw this one in for good measure; it was in the comment thread but not related to MJ...but man, isn't it just gold:

David Morris ·  Top Commenter · Wheelock College
Just a 17 year old teenager, who had given Zimmerman the slip, but instead of going home as he had been advised, turned to confront that "creepy cracker", attacking him from the shadows.

Was it homophobic rage that he felt? Or just "get whitey".

Homophobic doesn't mean what you think it means, but hey, I'm still trying to figure out how someone can be an islamofascist marxist.

1:00 PM PT: User auapplemac points out that the defense team has thought better of this tactic! They must read Daily Kos ;-)

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Originally posted to GoGoGoEverton's Blog on Tue Jul 09, 2013 at 06:26 AM PDT.

Also republished by DKos Cannabis Law and Drug War Reform.

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