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No.  We're a good country.

We've had SO much success.  

Besides, all the top rated diary on the Rec list does is make us all look silly.

(A point by point rebuttal of the top rated diary!)


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Clearly whoever wrote this diary is a closet Republican who wants them to win.  The Diary is full of talking points that Rand Paul would love.  Of course he doesn't really believe those things, he's just grandstanding and would NEVER actually put any of those things into place if he was elected.

Unlike our great successes on the social front.  Weren't you paying attention to the wonderful successes of the SCOTUS a couple weeks ago?  I mean, it's not perfect, but we're WINNING and the Republicans are self destructing.

In addition, this is not the time to be criticizing the politicians YOU elected.  It's no wonder they can't to their jobs because they're constantly being stabbed in the back by the left wing radicals who demand free magical pony rides.

All attempts at hyperbole attract Recs, but REAL thinking people listen to what the President and the establishment media tell us.  They say the opposite of the diarist, so therefore, we need to go with the track record.  After all, the proof that we're an open, free society is that you can say the things that you are saying without being put into prison.

Finally, how exactly DOES this win us elections?  WE have to remember that the most important thing is that our team wins.  When we win, we ALL win because then we can legitimately complain.

Grandstanding and screaming are just temper tantrums.  We need to be the responsible adults and follow the rules that dictate we protest and express our discontent through time honored traditions.  Have you written a letter to the editor?  How bout a nice, respectful march in suits and ties down the center of the street with the appropriate permit?  Have you gone to jail for your beliefs?  After all, the most important thing you can do is suffer for what you believe.  That way when they call you a criminal your point can be safely ignored.

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