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i am at a loss for words...
the suspect has been identified as barry white, jr, 23 yrs old, of antioch.  

he had been in the store the day prior (so he knew the layout of the vault).  

he had a rifle in his truck

he is suing the city of antioch over alleged "civil rights violations" in a case that has been stayed pending the outcome of the 69 felonies with which is is currently charged on other unrelated charges.  something tells me now that this "lawsuit" is going nowhere!

those who "support" him made this astounding statement on their blog tonite:

  This is not a coincidence. The police worked with snitch/ neighborhood watch types known as "gang stalking groups" to harass the shooter day and night until he had a breakdown and went postal. This is a story literally exploding across the country.

Continue reading at NowPublic.com: SF Shooter Barry White Gang Stalked After Suing Antioch Police? | NowPublic News Coverage http://www.nowpublic.com/...

so, because of this Fuck the Police mantra, two innocent women, Khin Min, 35 years old and Lini Lim, 51, are dead and the owner is in critical condition?  for WHAT!  because this little gangbanger felt "persecuted"?  what had they EVER done to HIM?  oh.  i get it.  

easy targets.  pick people who can't fight back. be a BIG man to your "buddies" because you went "postal". cuz, FTP, you know - and all that...

i am SO angry right now!


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this 23 yr old and his "gang" have been "stalked" by "snitch/ neighborhood watch types" - so he has to go into san francisco, go into the jewelry mart and murder two chinese women and shoot the owner and stab him?  were THEY stalking this creep?

were THEY interfering with his rights (to be in a gang and own guns)?

what the HELL is wrong in this country! what the hell is wrong with US!  if we don't take off our blinders and start examining our own damned attitudes within our communities, this is going to happen over and over again.

i am tired of losing people i care about.  i am tired of seeing injustice.  i am TIRED of hearing justifications where none is due - from zimmerman to white to snowden to everyone else who triggers "ideology" instead of critical thinking.  i'm tired of people making gross generalizations instead of looking at specific situations and making informed decisions.

my friends are dead.  there is no bringing them back. words fucking matter.  throwing about incendiary language when there are people who are truly unhinged is giving them an excuse to act.

my friends were killed because some creep felt "picked on" and had to "go postal" to make his point (according to that article defending his actions).  the police were picking on him.  ftp! (only the police weren't the ones who paid the price, were they?) he didn't get to go out in his "blaze of glory" - the police refused to shoot at him because of the people who would be endangered.  so he ran out of bullets.  and threw out his gun and lay down prone to wait to be arrested.

i'm sure he'll now add this to his charges that the police are picking on him - perhaps he'll now sue san francisco police. and now he gets to be a big man on (the prison) campus.

i am against the death penalty, but it is times like this that my beliefs are sorely tested. (and, no, i am STILL not in support of the death penalty - but i DO support life without parole)

we live in a very very sick society.

words matter.  OUR words matter.  how we use them and why matter!  for god's sake, people - PLEASE think carefully before throwing around rhetoric - it is a major part of the problem here!  WORDS MATTER!

i want to go be with my horse - and avoid people totally, at this point.

i am very angry.  this whole thing makes me sick.

3:38 AM PT: this is a photo of the killer.  the chairs are outside dos amigos, not the gift center.

i know the owner of victoga, this is not him - it is the murderer.

4:09 AM PT: here is the actual filing of white's "case" against antioch - seems this isn't the first time he has had gun issues.

4:24 AM PT: it's almost 4:30 am - again.  i can't sleep.  i am going to turn off the computer and try... good night all... stay safe. please.

oh, and please take a minute to go read this diary - it is about the same thing...

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there is a bigger problem here

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