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Here is the front page of Drudge Report yesterday:

On the top left hand corner you will see a link that reads: Jeantel: 'Trust me, I am educated, I have a 3.0'...

Interestingly, the article that it links to is titled: Rachel Jeantel on Trayvon Martin Friendship: He Never Judged Me". Only at the very end of the article does Jeantel mention anything about her own education. The focus of the article is on her views on Trayvon and her actions in court. Yet, if you look at all the comments, they are all vitriolic, and racist and focus on Jeantel's intelligence and her GPA, just as the title in Drudge directed them.

Look at the first comment:

Raymond Smith • a day ago −
3.0 is her IQ, not her GPA
The comment is uprated 343 times and down rated only once. Hmm, I wonder where these commenters are coming from?

This is what the Drudge readership is made out of, and clearly it is fueled by Drudge or he wouldn't race bait with such an incendiary title.


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This comment responded to the one above:

That's what I thought when I read the headline [that 3.0 is her I.Q. not her GPA]. You know, this really has nothing to do with color. It's about the total failure of government as parent. We have had a 50 year 17 trillion dollar unmonitored experiment with welfare. The result? Inner city hellholes all over America, cities plagued with crime, drugs, gangs and the worst schools in the entire country. And remember, those cities have been under continuous Democratic control for all of those 50 years. It is the vote mongering Democrat leaders who have become rich and powerful while Black families were destroyed and people lived in despair.
I love the concern trolling that JoInAmerica did there. In the first sentence, JoInAmerica insults Jeantel's intelligence in the most childish way, and from the next sentence goes on a tirade of what it takes to get African Americans out of poverty and reassures us that "it has nothing to do with color". Obviously, an insult right before a poignant argument shows how much JoInAmerica cares about the plight of African Americans and oh yeah, Jo is definitely not a racist.
Karen Walker  
 Funny how Obama, Holder and NAACP will do nothing to address these inner city hellholes. They thrive on keeping them that way.
Funny how Karen is concern trolling, reassuring herself that black leaders the the problem that African Americans are facing, and apparently that blacks themselves are too stupid to know what's going on and are just being led around like sheep. She, on the other hand, knows exactly what's up.

The following comments are in response to Karen's comment about what it takes to get blacks out of poverty:

BTW: "A 3.0"? Is that on a ten point scale?
Let's ask Jabba the Mutt to clarify this for us.
She can't ,,,because of her under bite and her acting up tonsils....however she does seem a tad more articulate than she was on the stand....maybe her acting number is still higher than the" IQ"....
John (magnum)Amen to that point, but that is the total aim of America's version of The MOOSLUM Brotherhood AKA the dem'socialist/communist party !!!
Obviously, no one cares about the plight of African Americans the way they do.

Here is an incredible comment that shows utter stupidity, concern trolling and cognitive dissonance all in a few sentences:

Wild Hog  joInAmerica • a day ago −
Both my parents and grandparents remember a time throughout the country where most towns and cities with black populations owned businesses and were a thriving part of the community and well respected by all. Yes, they were segregated but that worked at the time for both whites and blacks. It all came to an abrupt end about 50 years ago when the government got involved and tried to change a culture literally overnight. The results our what we see today. Very sad.
Utterly unbelievable. Apparently, in segregated America, blacks were thriving business owners, and "respected by all" WHEN THEY WERE SEGREGATED. How can you be respected when you are segregated? The very NEXT sentence after stating that blacks were respected by all, Wild Hog admits they were segregated. How can you read those two sentences without your brain exploding? The results of desegregation are apparently "very sad", and how did desegregation happen? "Government got involved". Notice he never said the word "desegregation". He replaced that with "government got involved".

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is spinning at it's finest. Observe and wonder, how their brains manage to process anything.

I'll post some other fine comments of Drudge Readers below. The whole page is infested with them.

How unfortunate that the 3.0 GPA that Ms. Jeantel believes that she has (from an obvious derelict inner city school district), is probably not even equivalent to a 1.0 GPA in many schools or districts across the country.She has been indoctrinated by the progressives into believing that she is well educated. However, when she never finds gainful employment due to her inability to read, write or perform basic math, she, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the NAACP will blame and accuse white people of discrimination.
Maybe Oprah Winfrey can build some schools in Chicago, Philly, Detroit and Miami to educate and save some black children in our inner cities.
3 is the magic number for those of her ilk:

- her IQ
- the number of children she is likely to have before quitting high school.
-the number of different fathers these kids have
-the letter length of the words she can sound out unassisted.
-the number of different stories she has in testimony
-the number of hours worked per month.
-the number of different social programs paying her to do nothing at any given point.

-the number of taxpayers required to support her.
-her BMI/10
-the number of times she voted for Obama in the last election

just say'n  
I would not call her typical, she is in the 75th percentile. The reason she is a 3.0, is they grade "On the curve". Thats how an illiterate gets a B
et cetera, et cetera, et cetera...
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