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This week, we have a post from Pamena of Team RubiPam about the glamour-filled lifestyle of the end-game raider. For those of you in the guild who don't raid, this gives you a look into the demanding tactical planning and serious, take-no-prisoners mindset necessary for successful raiding.

Without further ado, the Team RubiPam raid report:

It was a big and successful week for Team RubiPam, thanks to Chanta being able and wiling to come in as subsitute for Heinkel who could not make it Thursday and is out on Mondays for this month. First, on Thursday, back to Durumu, of which we were so, so tired. Bemused very bravely had worked up her ele spec and gear so she could DPS while Rubi and Pam healed. Pre-raid, there was some discussion in vent of whether we should start over or go back to the Hairy Eyeball. Rubi gave us his version of a Henry V/William Wallace speech: "What I want to know is in your heart, are you REALLY COMMITTED to killing this asshole?" The answer was a "sure", so in we went, and promptly died to trash. Well, not everyone died to trash each time, but enough that it got a little amusing. Finally, and it seems as usual, we did almost everything right, everyone stayed alive, and we got him!!! Woot! Soo satisfying.

We then went on to take a couple of pulls on Primordius, using the Team Kaels patented "zerg" method - ignore the whole "turn into a saurok" thing and just group up in the middle and mow him down. We had a couple of good attempts, but our dps was just a bit low, so on Monday, we went back in with Bemused back on healing duty with Pamena while Rubidium brought his shadow priest Caesium in to boost our DPS. And ho hum, one-shot! Everyone again performed perfectly, our dps/damage dealing was awesome (special shout out to Mageartin who has gotten his numbers up so well, and of course to Zarjah/Chanta who has worked hard to bring her hunter up to raid level and did great!), and if I do say so myself, our healing was equally awesome and up to the task (pat pat myself and Bemused on the back)

And then there came Dark Animus. I will quote from the shoutbox about our attempts on this fight:

Pamena: Cylen and Chanta can fill you in on our Dark Animus attempts.

Nina: 45 minutes of "YOU stand exactly HERE" and then you pull and the tanks die immediately?

Bemused: Well, Rubidium kept dying immediately. A random large animus activated just to say hello to him apparently.

Rubidium: Here's how it went. Rubidium casts mushrooms. Rubi charges mushrooms. Rubi gets 3 stacks of LB on Than. Rubi pops the Anima blob. Rubi moonfires his Anima Golem. "Why the hell am I getting attacked by more than one golem!" Rubi examines the floor.

To be fair, the mechanics of this fight cannot, unlike Primordius, be ignored, and I think most of us were not really prepared for what we had to do, having not really counted on making it to Dark Animus Monday night (that's my story and I'm sticking to it.) But, as Nina said, it involves everyone, healers included, being assigned to a specific small golem to tank, as it were, when they came out, while....well, I'm not too sure what is supposed to happen after that because we never made it past that stage. Naming no names, but alcohol may have been involved in people having trouble with their assignments here. So, after about 10 wipes in which Rubidium got to intimately know the floor in front of his golem, we called it. We'll be back.

Tonight, Bemused is out at a conference, and I am not sure what our DPS situation is - we will undoubtedly start over, and perhaps two-heal and bring in a DPS who hasn't gotten to try TOT on normal yet, perhaps someone from Team Z if they're on. Monday, Bemused will be back, and I think that will be our last night to have Thanael for 10 days or so, so we will make a serious charge at Dark Animus, I hope.

But all in all, a fabulous week for Team RP - we're 8/12 in TOT now, and it might be possible for us to at least get to Lei Shen before the patch drops, so great work everyone!

We also have a Team Z report from Moodyloner:
Well, due to poor planning and setup on my part, I missed raid this week. So naturally, this is when Team Z killed Garalon.

Next up is someone nowhere near as demanding. Probably involving bugs, tornadoes, and blades because that's Heart of Fear for you.

Here's the Saturday Night Massacre report from Pamena:
Saturday Night Massacre:

This past Saturday, we tried something a bit different - after our usual takedown of the world bosses (Galleon, Sha and Nalak this time), we did a "LFR for Those New To LFR and Alts Just Starting the Legendary Collections", and it went really well. We had I think 19 of the 25 people in the LFR, including the heroically geared Monomis and Carune and Tay's excellent priest Tayblin, and so we just mowed down Mogushan Vaults. Various people brought alts or otherwise newish 90's who still need the first round of items to collect for Wratheon in the legendary quest, and we had also a number of people who have been reluctant to do LFR with a bunch of strangers. This was my intention in scheduling this, to provide a comfort zone for folks who are leery of pugs - and in addition, it allowed a couple of guildies to try tanking that LFR for the first time with the full weight of the guild at their backs. I think everyone had a good time, and we will do it again this coming Saturday, this time into HOF. So please join us if you have wanted to see these raids but have worried about being surrounded by jerks.

And finally, a Request for Proposal from Pamena:
Request for Proposal:

I think it's time we did something goofy and fun again - we haven't done a baby [insert race of your choice here] race or something like that, in quite a while, and we have several new people who have joined in the last couple of months who aren't 90 yet and so haven't been able to do the LFR or SNM's with us. So let me know if people might be interested in something fun and frivolous like that, maybe in August, on a weekend afternoon or something.

That's all I have this week. For the Horde!
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