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Picture this.  You're married.  Tough times hit.  You and your significant other have no money, and a lot of time on your hands.

One would think that the natural thing to do would be to enjoy each others company.

However, in our wonderful country, that's Number ONE on things you shouldn't be doing.

(Reason that sex is a bad awful HORRIBLE thing on the flip.)


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Let's start at the very beginning.  (A very good place to start.)

You're on the street.  Under NO circumstances should you ever, even if you can find a modicum of privacy, have sex.  That's having sex in Public.  Also Known as a Lewd act.  You may remember that one being used against LGBTQ folks in sting operations, but don't worry, thanks to the wonderful surveillance state and cameras on the corners, it will soon be coming to you straight folks too.

So, that's right out.  Well, you're a legally married couple, right?  So you can go to a shelter and when you're not looking for work or engaging in the mandatory prayer meetings you can spend time with each other and your fantasies?  NOPE.  Straight couple, get ready to be separated.  That's right, the odds are over half that you won't even get to see your significant other.  Oh, by the way... think you'll beat the odds by being in a same-sex marriage?  Keep Dreaming.  You won't get any shelter at ALL.  Well, at least not without a lawyer.  You can afford that, right?

So, you're broke, you tried to be responsible, but thanks to not being able to afford birth control due to Planned Parenthood being defunded, it turns out that you or your significant other is... pregnant.  Well, thanks to the efforts of Rethug legislators across the nation, that's YOUR problem, and your fault for breaking the law.    Yup, no other solution than bringing a helpless innocent into the world.  And don't worry, your food stamps will be cut, your housing will be cut and every other significant problem will be 100% your responsibility!

Oh, and if you already HAVE a kid and you get pregnant?  Don't worry, there will be NO additional help for you.  (Seeing as your kid will often be in Foster Care due to you being homeless) Because you SHOULD NOT have been having sex, you will get no additional help, and be expected to survive on the same amount of help that you had prior to choosing to have a baby.  (The abortion bans, reproductive laws and general discouragement had NOTHING to do with your choice of course.)

So therefore, it's clear that the only people who should be having sex are the people who can afford it.  Of course, you never actually HAVE to pay for sex, because prostitution is illegal.  It just naturally only should happen for people who have money.  


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