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Well almost ever.  Worse in terms of having the confidence of the people they represent -- that's at an all-time low:

Confidence in Congress Falls to Record Low

by Elizabeth Mendes and Joy Wilke, Gallup.com -- June 13, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Americans' confidence in Congress as an institution is down to 10%, ranking the legislative body last on a list of 16 societal institutions for the fourth straight year. This is the lowest level of confidence Gallup has found, not only for Congress, but for any institution on record. [...]

The percentage of Americans expressing a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in Congress is the lowest for a trend that dates back to 1973. The high point for Congress, 42%, came in that year.

Confidence in Congress has been at its lowest points for several years, while it was higher in the mid-1980s and in the early 2000s.

How's that for a 'vote of confidence' for the perpetual policy of GOP Gridlock?

Most people don't seem to much care for it ... Only around TEN Percent approve.


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And this Republican-led Congress almost worst ever in the number of Bill passed -- 2nd to last. First goes to the Republicans again, back in 1994 with the Contract on America fiasco:

The least productive Congress ever

by Chris Cillizza, Washingtonpost.com -- July 17, 2013

So, how does this House stack up against past years when it comes to productivity? Not so well, according to the new Vital Statistics on Congress, which shows that the 112th Congress passed just 561 bills, the lowest number since they began keeping these stats way back in 1947.

larger image

The second lowest number of bills passed in a single Congress -- 611 -- was back in the 104th Congress, the two-year session that followed Republicans re-taking control of the House in 1994 after four decades of Democratic control.

Still, it’s quite clear that this Congress didn’t exactly tear it up legislatively speaking over the past two years. What’s all the more remarkable about the relative dearth of bills passed through the House in the 112th Congress is the incredibly high number of recorded votes that took place over that same time period. There were 1,607 recorded votes in the 112th Congress, the fifth highest total since Vital Stats began collecting data.

So Congress knows how to 'take the vote' -- they just don't know how to Pass the Bills.

IF the US Government were a Business (as the Republicans are very fond of saying), these Congressional Slackers would have been fired a long, long time ago ...

So People the next time you don't feel like voting, just remember -- you are the boss of these do-nothing showboat posers.

So do something about them. Like send them packing ... for someone else that actually wants to do the job, we hired them for!

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The main reason this Congress is so bad ...

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17%12 votes
13%9 votes
42%29 votes
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14%10 votes

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