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Not sure this has been posted here.  This police abuse happened to Christina Gonzalez, a New York activist 2 months ago. You will be both shocked and appalled about how the police treat this woman.  

Someone sent this to me via Dkos message, but I can't find the message.  Oh well, thought I would share it with you.

This youtube vid does have 288,000 views, but everyone needs to see this.  You will see the police handcuff Christina for filming them.  Her husband filmed her arrest with his cell phone.  The police confiscated Christina's video, but not her husband cell phone video, hence the title You Stole the Wrong SD Card.

THIS is what has to change.  WE have rights.  WE need to exercise them more often.  The JUSTICE Department has to stop this kind of abuse.  This woman is correct "They work for us" or they used to.


You Stole The Wrong SD Card

Christina Gonzalez is one brave woman.  She says she is running for Council in the video linked below.  The embed code won't work here.

And Christina is a candidate:

West Harlem Council Candidates Want Bike-Share, Complete 125th Street SBS

Christina has lots of videos on youtube, some she filmed and some others have filmed.  And she gets some really hateful comments.

As a matter of fact, it is reported that the NYPD made up flyers showing her and her friends head shots looking like a WANTED POSTERS.  Stunning!

You can read the details here.  The Huffington Post reported about the unjust arrests of Christina and her partner, Matthew Swaye who are bravely filming police Stop & Frisk activities.

Matthew Swaye And Christina Gonzalez, Stop-And-Frisk Protesters 'Wanted' By NYPD, Beat Charges

The Harlem couple who had their faces and home address displayed on "wanted posters" after being branded "professional agitators" by the NYPD for filming police stop-and-frisks have been aquitted or had charges against them dropped.
Here's one of those Stop and Frisk videos.  The embed link won't work here, so click  here to view.

WATCH:  We Won't Stop Until We Stop STOP & FRISK at the 103rd Pct.

It is heartening to know there are brave people exercising their constitutional rights.

It is disheartening to see these people being treated like criminals by the NYPD.

You can view Christina's videos here.

Christina Gonzalez also recently helped organize the NYC Union Square Trayvon Martin gathering:

You can read an interview with Christina at the link above.

Thousands of people gathered at Union Square, marched north through Manhattan, sat down in Times Square and continued to march up to Harlem and all the way to the Bronx. Helping lead the crowd was Christina Gonzalez, a long-time Stop Stop and Frisk activist who is now running for city council as a member of the green party. The next night, after the hustle, bustle and rage of a protest in the Bronx, Gonzalez and I talked strategy, next steps and how to turn this moment into a movement.

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Originally posted to War on Error on Mon Jul 22, 2013 at 12:25 PM PDT.

Also republished by Police Accountability Group.

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