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I give up. This diary is late because I have lost several drafts during the linking process. So I will stop attempting to include links in the text. What follows is a sampling of stories from the war on women, which are introduced and organized loosely by subject.

I promise that next time I will do better.


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Larry Summers for Fed Chairman? Please, President Obama, choose Janet Yellen instead; he was part of the movement for deregulation that led to the 2008 crash, while she warned that derivatives needed to be watched carefully. Among other things.


Men are more likely to be granted flexible work schedules than women, study finds:


No surprise here:


Who's on your money? The British will put Jane Austen's picture on the ten pound note, after it was pointed out that if they put Winston Churchill on it as originally, there would be no women on currency except the queen.


Republicans want to have a pissing contest:


Helen Thomas, White House reporter extraordinaire, died this week at age 92. Three excellent obituaries follow:




A testament: This is my body.


More outrageous news from rape culture:


Join the campaign to free Marissa Alexander, the woman serving 20 years in Florida for shooting a warning shot at an abusive husband who was coming towards her. Her plea of self-defense was denied. Her case was brought up in the aftermath of the Zimmerman verdict.


Since the motorcycle anti-abortion bill in North Carolina is on the governor's desk, and he seems to be moving away from his earlier position of vetoing it, there will be a protest Monday and Tuesday across from the mansion. For wonderful news and commentary on that struggle, please read the posts from MsSpentYouth.

And a North Dakota federal judge has put a temporary hold on enforcing their draconian anti-abortion law, saying it interfered with "the constitutional rights afforded to all women."

Young voices giving hope for the future, one from this country, one from Yemen. There is hope for the future.


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