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A front page diary no less

A Mayor Anthony Weiner may be a good thing for New York and America
OK the US can be a little crazy when it comes to sex scandals.

However sexual harassment is another thing entirely.

Sending unsolicited pictures of your penis and testicles to women is by any standards just plain gross.

Is this type of behavior good for anyone?

Weiner is running for high profile public office and a lot of it driven by his own ego not the desire to serve. He is going for a promotion after continuing the pathetic behavior that caused him to resign in the first place. He also lied about the facts.

So a lying sexting addict wants this overlooked.

That this teenage behavior is somehow useful in public discourse?

Oh give me a fucking break

He is a sleezeball and if he wants a public office then he has to be held to certain standard. If he wants a private sector job that is up to his prospective employer.

The only thing this type of shit promotes is the idea in young men's heads that sexting to strangers is acceptable in society.

The reality is Weiner's obnoxious behavior and not the public's or medias view of such behavior, he is totally responsible for his being an asshole.

If you want to elect assholes that is fine by me but in my opinion they are way too many holding public office already.

Now you want to really get into the moral mud?

Female politicians are held to much higher moral standards than their male colleagues.

Do you think we would be even discussing this if Weiner had a vagina?

Ye gawds; the scandal the first time around would have been of epic proportions, can you imagine the epitaphs attached to any female politician doing the same. Hell in a society where you are labelled a slut for demanding that contraception is part of a health insurance plan the mind boggles.

If you want to talk about puritanical America I can think of a better starting point than that asshole running in New York.

Weiner should just go away.


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Originally posted to LaFeminista on Sun Jul 28, 2013 at 01:32 PM PDT.

Also republished by New York City and Sexism and Patriarchy.

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