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I hate to be a Debbie Downer but I was just saying today that a war was rising up and we are not the aggressors.  I got this in my email today and wanted to pass it on.
I am kind of down for a lot of reasons and felt it my duty if you had not heard of this guy or enough about this guy..you need to..for you safety.   Police Chief Mark Kessler .

Why isn't he in jail?  Death threats to Nancy Pelosi.   Really?  He walks around as a police chief.  Please flood the Mayor's desk with petitions and any info provided in the link.  Sign the petition but this cannot go on..

Poor llbear heard me ranting today over partisan politics being played by Rich Nuggent's office down here in Florida by a staffer lying and causing me more grief about transportation for my husband when I tried to go to him help and help for  other veterans.  Some blind, some needing transportation to Dialysis, some with vision and back problems and one DAV with a poor veteran with cancer cannot handle it all when they have vendors to do this.     She basically said he had no walking problem because he took five stepls with a cane. That battle is not over.  These people are  just chickenhawk mean.  She and I will have another discussion and it will be in front of a crowd during August.recess...but this diary is about this Pa. police chief.
More and more people are talking to me and I am beginning to feel helpless with so many partisian enemies but I still will take my stand and call em out.

Read this and decide soon what we must do to stop this madness.  I just don't know anymore...Feels like so much is not working....  

This guy in the link who wants to kill liberals is nuts.
Schuylkill County (Pennsylvania) police chief is making national news for his videos that seemingly encourage people to shoot U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.  Gilberton (PA) Police Chief Mark Kessler also calls his political opponents “libtards,” who should “go f*** yourselves.”

In one video, he shoots a target he calls “Nancy Pelosi” while saying, “We’re gonna give two to Nancy, then we’re gonna put two in her face.” (see videos here NSFW)

Write to Mayor Mary Lou Hannon and the Gilberton Borough Council.  Tell them to fire Kessler today.  He obviously lacks the temperament, levelheadedness and objectiveness that any law enforcement office needs.  He is clearly unable to protect people who disagree with him. He needs to be removed from his position immediately.
Link to nuts
Here are the videos.  

The videos AND petitions are in the links and  videos are graphic....and explicit language.....Trigger warning for
any who have been harmed by gun violence.

I tried to download from you tube but could not so they will have to be viewed in the petition.   I do not know if this guy is trying to up NRA sales or what but a person breaking the law does not need to be top cop enforcing it.  

After some of the abuse I personally have received from so called congressional staffers , I put nothing past any of these tea party types.  Be careful out there.
I keep fighting and maybe it will take a street party in every state before we can
move this country forward.


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Originally posted to Vetwife on Tue Jul 30, 2013 at 02:08 PM PDT.

Also republished by VAGV - Veterans Against Gun Violence.

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