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If you are my age you may have had the luxury of bad acid trips and being able to read in "meatspace", "real-time", the Reader's Digest series explaining parts of the anatomy, usually with a standardized title format along the lines of "I am Joe's toe."

(Well first, let me make this clear: the Reader's Digest readings came before the bad acid.)

As a young child, I found this stuff absolutely fascinating. I probably know things to this day, that I read there. Granted, family was not the New Yorker type readers, but they did encourage reading and education. Mother kind of favored Pearl Buck, and we had the Tom Dooley tracts all over the place. Still, it eventually led me to be an ardent James Baldwin fan at 14. Yes, there was a white suburban kid, laying on the lawn, and sensing "The Fire Next Time" was a bible, of sorts.


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So AW's sexter is weighing in on his poor promise as a mayor, as if we can feel the pulse of the nation residing in  a young woman from Indiana..who wants attention just as bad as Anthony does. And what can we say about Arianna Huffington whose website makes you scroll 4 pages to read the headline?

Sensation is actually a clinical term:

sensation sen·sa·tion (sen-sa´shun) an impression produced by impulses conveyed by an afferent nerve to the sensorium.

If there is a sensorium, there must be a nonsensorium, no?

Hillary mini-series scheduled. Just hand her the frigging sceptre, because, unfortunately, this is what democracy looks like.

Pope says he's ok with gay? (if you actually read through the remarks, it looks like he still considers homosexuality a sin.)

But I'm looking forward to the next NY Post Headline: "Pope: I'm in love!"

Sadly, there is no incentive to address huge real problems.

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