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Last night wasn't enough for Mr. Toolbin, apparently...

Is this going to become a nightly feature, and will Toobin get himself scheduled on every cable news show that Greenwald is appearing on?  

The top 5 things we've learned from Glenn Greenwald's visits on "Piers Morgan Live"

Coming up this evening at 9, "Piers Morgan Live" welcomes the return of reporter and "The Guardian" columnist Glenn Greenwald.


Join "Piers Morgan Live" at 9 as Greenwald returns to the program, alongside James Risen of "The New York Times."

At some point, though it doesn't show it in the programming/promo notes, Jeffrey Toobin joined this panel on the Piers Morgan show, after facing off against Greenwald last night on CNN's Anderson Cooper.

By the way, Toobin compliments Greenwald on his investigative journalism, the subject of last night's battle.  But then tonight they duked it out after Toobin said he still thinks Snowden is a criminal, and it was all downhill from there.  Risen took on that accusation well, and debated both Toobin and Piers Morgan on that issue.  

Both Risen and Greenwald took on Morgan's off the cuff comment about Snowden taking classified documents and "spewing it into the public ether on a whim".

But as Greenwald was defending the way Snowden released the documents responsibly, to a news organization, asking them to handle them carefully and use a careful editorial process, Toobin went after him again, saying "oh give me a break" or something similar.  Then he started with the bit about how Snowden went to China and Russia, and blah blah blah, and doing the thing we've seen many other tools do by making it all about Snowden the traitor.  I'll let you see for yourself what happened after that.

Greenwald and Risen were solidly in agreement tonight while Toobin was still spouting the government talking points. Morgan was good on some things and not so good on others, but largely very fair.

And... This is why we can't have nice things have solid journalists and activists from the left on cable news shows. They debate at a more solid and at a higher level, they know their stuff and are not easily intimidated, they won't carry the propaganda water and they just blow the opposition away. So that's why most of the time we're stuck with the status quo establishment apologists on both sides of the argument.

Glenn Greenwald Piers Morgan On XKEYSCORE. Greenwald OWNS Toobin AGAIN! 7/31/13

Here are some reactions to tonight's showdown.


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