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I'm officially back from vacation, which saw me and my family head down CA-1, hitting San Jose, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Big Sur, Solvang, Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego in a 10-day extravaganza. By the way, the San Diego Zoo's Safari Park has ruined all zoos for me, forever. It's that good. It was also the first vacation since my oldest was born almost 10 years ago in which a grandparent didn't factor. It was ... nice!

So I was out of the news cycle for a good chunk of time, so it was fun heading out to see what was driving the crazies crazy this week. I found this:

Townhall.com screenshot, story titled
Ah yes, it's the schism between GOP realists who know Obamacare won't be defunded and the crazies who demand it. Not only do Dems control the Senate and the White House, but the 2012 election was fought in large part over the issue. Remember who won? But that won't stop the GOP's grifters, willing to earn the adoration (and dollars) of millions of conservatives by pretending to fight for defunding. And dumbasses like the guy above buy into it.
The community distancing from the Defund movement contains people I have long respected, from Bill Bennett to Charles Krauthammer to Texas’ other Senator, John Cornyn.

All point to the near certainty that the defund effort will fail on the Senate floor, and succeed only in marginalizing the Republican party with another government shutdown PR disaster.

They have a point. And it’s probably not helpful to refer to them as members of a “surrender caucus.”

But rather than quibble over the word choices of Cruz, Utah Senator Mike Lee and others rallying around them, I prefer to examine why I will stand with the defund effort until it breathes its last.

Remember the Alamo sweet, sweet deaths of the uninsured!

Hmmm, that won't work. It lacks that certain je ne sais quoi that would propel the "defund movement" to resounding victory. Maybe the commenters have better ideas? Head below for a sampling of their "wisdom."


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I am really tired of the Bill Kristols and the Karl Roves of the Republican Party and their attempts to silence the voices of the true conservatives in Congress. What they seem to not understand is that many will sit on the sidelines and refuse to vote for the milquetoast candidates they foist on us as "electable" when they continue to go down in flames election after election. We want representatives who have the spine and the cojones to stand up for what they believe in and take on the Progressives toe to toe on every issue. We are not now nor have we ever been interested in Progressive Light.
Sitting on the sidelines sounds fantastic!
Perhaps our Republican leaders should consider a new strategy - i.e., just do the right thing. If they simply did the right thing, instead of trying to figure out what course is politically expedient, the voters will follow in mass.
Kinda like running on Obamcare repeal in 2012. It was the right thing for Republicans to do, and voters responded! By electing Democrats.
The Washington political establishment is a two-headed, mesmerizing snake (the Pelosi/Reid "Progressives" and the "Boehner/Ryan/McCain/Bush, Inc". "RINOS") that all work from the SAME playbook. The RINOS and Progressives are in total agreement when it comes to Obamacare (which they exempt themselves from) and the legalization of tens of millions of illegals (which they deliberately allowed to come into the country). The charade/deception part of this Kabuki farce is being provided by the RINOS, who claim they are 'doing the best they can' to combat those 'evil socialists', the "Progressives", but, thru reasons 'beyond their control' are never able to quite DO IT. If you doubt this, just watch how Boehner and Ryan 'slow walk' and 'slick thru' the illegal alien amnesty bill thru Congress this fall... (the GOP controls the House... they can STOP it, IF they wanted to..)
Great points. The sidelines is probably your best option.
I have about had it with Bill Kristol and his appeasement posture. Being nice to someone trying to dismantle this Republic needs to be given the only treatment a bully understands. That does not include turning the other cheek so that both sides of your head is equally bruised. My Dad cured by bully nemesis by urging T. Roosevelt's advice to speak softly and carry a big stick.
This administration NEEDS to be shut down, day before yesterday.
You guys tried that. It was called "the election."
until my representative advocates prohibiting government administration of elementary and secondary schools, i will continue to believe he does not know what he is doing.

to make clear, i have no problem with government providing financial assistance to parents for the education of their children so long as this funding comes without strings attached.

Dude ... FOCUS! We're talking about defunding Obamcare, the biggest evil in history, NOT defunding the public schools, the other biggest evil in history.
You could almost say safely: "Shut EVERYTHING down" that oblama man has put in place. He's a sand pit that pulls everyone into Hades.
Sand pits pull you into Hades?
We are handing over the baton of liberty that belongs to our children and grand children. For what? Halfass medical care at best, for everyone. Why? Death panels for the elderly and sick children. Why? OBAMA put this program in the hands of a woman that has proven herself to be evil. Why?
We'll pry that baton of liberty from your cold, dead hands after a death panel kills you.
It is pointless for Conservatives/ constitutionalist to try to pander to the Liberal Progressives to get their votes, there is no need for it because they will simply ignore your efforts.

Conservatives/ constitutionalist are better off standing strong on their ideals and the conservative principles and letting people come to the party than trying to go to different groups and cater a specific message to all of them.?

Remember that one time that some Republican pandered to a liberal? Me neither.
The President would love for this to go away. It served his purpose, got him elected then re-elected but now its just too much grief to have to deal with. How can he do a reversal on his "landmark" legislation? Let someone else kill it while he looks like he's fighting to the end to save it. Go ahead defund Obamacare, we could all use it to go away, AND the President needs some sleep. The national collective sigh of relief when Obamacare dies will be the most unifying thing that has happened In the USA in a long time, about 4.5 years.
Killing Obamcare would unify the nation ... even though Obama used it to win election twice. Logic!
The PPACA will destroy Capitalism. If the Republicans do not stop cooperating with the Marxists on this subject as well as the Illegal immigration problem, it will be the death knell of the Republican Party. If they nominate another establishment type, I will vote for a third party candidate in all elections for the foreseeable future. Something I a have been loathe to do in the past.
Wow, Obamacare will destroy capitalism AND the Republican Party? Who knew getting people health insurance was so insidious?
What is ironic is that the IRS chairman,who will administer the ACA wants to keep his own insurance.He doesn't want to change his healthplan.Mr Weurfel-I would like the same choice as well.
Uh, no one has to change their insurance carrier. Sheesh.
Let me put it this way.
I'd rather have ZERO HEALTHCARE than to be forced into Obamacare.
Give you LiBERTY or DIE OF TREATABLE DISEASE! Oooh, that one might stick.
It is also rather apparent that Justice John Roberts was blackmailed into retaining the ACA. Some democrat operative over at the security agency tapped his phone or his data and came up with something because the way he voted was changed at the last minute. The capability of the kind of general surveillance that we have been made aware takes place routinely is a profound weapon in the hands of subversives like the current administration and it has already devastated freedom in this country, because we shouldn't have this law under a reasonable reading of the constitution.
The baton of liberty is hiding in John Roberts' robes. The IRS put it there.
Bill Kristol has been wrong about so many things I'm not sure why anyone should even CARE what he thinks. Kristol and his ilk are the appeasement wing of the GOP defending the RINOs and ensuring, through THEIR selections dictated to the RNC, that we NEVER win another Presidency. Kristol is an elitist who trashes REAL Americans and their beliefs at every turn and is a despicable man of little character.
Woah. Bipartisan agreement.
Now here is my fantasy. Republicans do what I propose, paint every democrat with ObamaCare, demogogue the job losses and blame them on ObamaCare (which will have the benefit of being true) and during the election we pick up 10 seats in the senate, and another 30 seats in the house. We repeal ObamaCare, implement a flat tax, and the resulting economic boom puts a CONSERVATIVE president and filibuster proof senate majority into office in 2016.
My fantasy is that Republicans come up with ridiculous fantasies like this one, then are so crushed by the inevitable failure that they quit politics and join a survivalist cult in Nowhere, Idaho.

My fantasy is more likely to come true. Though to be fair, any GOPer fantasy that doesn't include Sarah Palin is an upgrade.

It has been said that third parties cannot win, but I say that second parties can die, and that is what is happening with the Republican Party. Obamacare is going to be a far greater disaster than the RINOs can possibly imagine. Obamacare cannot be funded without the help of the RINOs, and when everyone finally understands how bad it is, the RINOs will be singing the "It's the best we could do" chorus.
All this talk about a dead Republican Party sure is cheering me up!
There seem to be three kinds of people in Congress. First, there are those willing to "do anything", including (increasingly) acts of evil, in order to retain their positions of power. These are the Democrats. Second, there are those willing to "do nothing," including (increasingly) acts of cowardice by not confronting evil, in order to retain their positions of powerlessness. These are the establishment Republicans. Third, there are those willing to "do the right thing." These are the true Americans.
The only "true American" is the Canadian Ted Cruz.
I have already made up my mind that any wavering on this issue will cause me to vigorously support a primary candidate. If unsuccessful in the primary, I will vote democrat to get them out of office. I have let my rep and senators know this. Unfortunately, this makes me a single issue voter but this is the single issue of our time. If a large number of people wrote their congressman with a similar sentiment, how could they not defund? I have never voted democrat in my life, but one thing's for sure, you know what you're getting. And republicans supporting democrat causes is way worse.
There's nothing worse than a Republican supporting a Democrat, therefore you will vote for a Democrat. Logic!
He's nothing but a RINO POS. Those who call themselves Republicans yet will not stand up to Obama ON ANYTHING should be lined up and shot. McConnell should be the first one to go.

I have read some of Orrin Hatch's WEASLE WORDED justifications to M.D. (and family) and Charlie in Utah for having his nose shoved as far as possible up Obama's lyingass. I want to punch his lights out by the time I get to the second paragraph.


When REPUBLICANS agree that the worst people in the world are REPUBLICANS, you know we're in a happy place!
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