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"Look at that money coming.  Woo-hoo!  I can just sit back and relax!  Who has popcorn?"
Looks like good ol' anti-climate science expert, Senator Jim Inhofe, just got a whopper of a fundraising advantage over his Democratic challenger, Matt Silverstein in the 2nd Quarter of 2013:


WASHINGTON — A Tulsa Democrat challenging Sen. Jim Inhofe raised more than $83,000 in just a few weeks, but the Republican incumbent had more than $1.2 million in the bank at the end of June, according to campaign finance reports.

Matt Silverstein, a financial planner, reported $83,336 in contributions between mid-May and the end of June; all of the money came from individuals. The campaign, Matt for Oklahoma, also reported about $47,000 in debt, attributable to campaign expenses paid by Silverstein; he did not report the money as a loan to the campaign. The campaign had $74,216 in cash at the end of June.

Statement from Inhofe 2013 campaign spokesman:


“Senator Inhofe is very excited to post another successful fundraising quarter with over 2,000 individual contributors,” campaign spokesman Jake Parsons said.
However, Matt Silverstein is not deterred by Inhofe's fundraising advantage in Q2:


“People want a new senator who will promote the Oklahoma economy, not spend hundreds of billions on pork in other states,” said Silverstein, a political newcomer. “There is a broad consensus in Oklahoma that pork barrel politics has to go and that's why they're ready for a fresh, new, independent leader who won't waste their money.”
What about you Oklahoma Democrats?  Want a fresh, new, independent leader who won't waste your money.

Oh yes, we know.  Being a Democrat in Oklahoma and getting elected is like pulling teeth given the state is in deep red territory.

However, why not fight anyway?  Any harm in doing so?


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If you want to defy what the odds are and fight regardless of the outcome in November 2014, then support Matt Silverstein for U.S. Senate:

Campaign Website:  http://mattforoklahoma.com/

Donate:  https://secure.mattforoklahoma.com/...

Volunteer:  http://action.mattforoklahoma.com/...

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How about that fundraising for Inhofe? Should he be...

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