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Flint, a valued member of the Wreck List and one of the mainstays of our Cataclysm expansion raiding, has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

The lung cancer has metastasized. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy with the hopes of getting 6-12 months.

The good news is the cancer is responding well to the first round of chemo. Looks like it overstacked Haste and has a low PvP Resistance, a reforging error that will cost that cancer dearly. Also, Flint has a top-rate team of clinicians and oncologists helping him.

He can beat this. There are no guarantees in this cherry-blossom World, but he can beat this, and we all stand with him.

With that, we go on to the raid reports.

Here's Ninotchka with the Team Kaels Report:

Team Kaels is busy fighting the summer doldrums and the raid attendance boss. We've gotten heroic Jin'rokh down to farm status, enough so that usually we don't end up with only two people alive. Usually. Well, once. We have gotten some solid work in on heroic Horridon, but had to call early due to social obligations and hideous summer colds and chain-disconnects. We hope to kill Lei Shen again a few times before the new raid tier drops, but of course that depends on when the new raid tier drops and people's vacations. I'm going to miss at least 3 raid nights this month, I know others are, so it's a constant struggle.

But we'll beat this, by September at the very latest.

And here we have Pamena with the Team RubiPam Report:
Team RubiPam report:

After a break of several raid nights to give Thanael time to recover from his surgery and Xoff time to get back from Florida, and all of us time to absorb sad news of various sorts, Team RP got back to it at pretty much full strength (Zarjah is still subbing in fabulously for Heinkel, who we hope to get back with us next week) Monday night. We used the lockout Bemused still had to go straight to Dark Animus - we had done several pulls on him the previous two nights we had our regulars in raids, and so we had pretty much figured out the strategy. However, some miscommunication on placement for the first pull resulted in a pretty quick wipe, so WE ARE NOT REALLY COUNTING THAT ONE! Well, maybe as a half wipe. We took the floor again for our 1.5 pull, and by golly, we got him. Everyone fulfilled their assignments, and I think maybe everyone was alive at the end, which, as always, is the key. It was very satisfying, and excellent loot dropped, including the coveted Thunderforged version of the caster dps trinket Cha-Ye's Essence of Brilliance, which Mageartin snagged. When he announced this to Taymatt in guild chat, well, let's just say there was more than a little loot envy on display ("OMG!" "WHO STOLE THAT IT'S MINE!" and so forth), which of course was Mageartin's intended effect. So, we're 9/12 in TOT!

We then went on to do a few pulls on Iron Quon, which is not all that different from the LFR version except you have to, you know, organize your assault, something that is not in much demand on LFR. A priest whose name rhymes with Shamena had a leeetle difficulty not standing in the fire ( I mean, come on, when have we ever had to worry about not standing in fire in this game, amirite?), but we made progress, and I expect we will get this guy very soon.

We are now full speed ahead, lockouts from now on, no more farming until we have killed the Thunder King! I am now hopeful that we may be able to do that before the patch drops and this raid tier is nerfed by 20%, which has always been our goal.

I need to put here a special shout out to our tank emeritus Flintpaw, who is now literally in the fight of his life - we were all devastated to read of Flint's current health struggles, and we are all thinking of him and his family as they deal with it. Rubi, Bemused and I are sending many Healing Touches, Healing Rains and Prayers of Healing your way, Flint, and the rest of the raid stands ready at your side to do battle with this real life monster, in any way we can. We have the greatest faith in your strength and determination to beat this thing, and we look forward to seeing you in game, where we promise not to talk about anything but killing internet dragons, to give you the escape you so need and deserve. Many, many hugs to you!

Also, here's a Saturday Night Massacre report from Pamena:
Saturday Night Massacre:

I was back this past Saturday, and we had a VERY successful SNM - I was worried, given the summer doldrums, that we might not have enough people to do much, but we ended up with at least 20, possibly more, for our traditional World Boss of Pandaria tour (excluding Oondasta because I hate that guy), and for LFR after - we did the first two wings of TOT, and a good time was had by all. We also kicked two obnoxious guys, which is always satisfying - this time, it was not racist or homophobic stuff thankfully, but one guy, a rogue, decided since he had stealth he could be in raid, get loot but not actually, you know, hit anything. He had zero dps on my meters, something I had not seen before. So, yeah, we kicked him. Then, on the snail trash on the way to Ji-kun (if I'm remembering right), a guy joined the raid to replace someone who left, and immediately started making fun of people who died to the snails, which was happening mostly because several Wreck List folks had not been there before at all and were not sure how to avoid that. On the last wave of snails, this jerk hit bloodlust, thus making it unavailable for us on the boss fight first pull. I'm not sure if he thought we wouldn't be able to tell who did it, but nope, nope, nope, we could and we kicked him.

This week SOMETHING DIFFERENT! I have put Heroic Dragon Soul on the calendar for this Saturday night in place of the usual SNM - we need to get the last two fights in DS done on heroic to finish out the guild raid achievements, and as both Team Kaels and Team RP had gotten up to those on heroic before MOP dropped, I hope as many people as possible from those two teams plus as many other guildies as we can fit in, can come get this achievement done, for ourselves and for the guild. 9PM server, be there or be square!

In two weeks, August 24, we will have the big guild event, scavenger hunt/rally/etc that Snuffy is putting together - we will have to form teams to do this, and it will take place all on that night, so I hope lots of people will be available and will participate. It will require posting pics to the web site, so everyone should figure out how to do that, or at least team up with someone who does. I expect a great time!

And finally, a Team Z report from Moodyloner.
Still pounding away at ol Ambershaper Raidwipe. His Amber Abomination is the sticking point, but we got him down to about fifteen percent. Once his thug goes, the Ambershaper is bug-flavored toast.

I am reminded to thank Lynera for pitching in the last two raid nights, and also to Team RubiPam for getting some Team Z members some valuable Throne of Thunder experience and also gearing up our healers, Tvath and Bipolarbear. Much appreciated.

That's all I have for this week. For the Horde!
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