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Working my way through the intertoobs today, I came upon a great little example of how making assumptions based on identity issues can be seriously mistaken. With this morning's CERA/CERF diary and this afternoon's Russia diary, it would just have been wrong for me to write a third diary on this but to help out here, it works.

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So this isn't going to be all that trivial. Joe Jervis, who runs one of the most influential gay news blogs, joemygod.blogspot.com, had a small item today that appealed to me as a sports fan and as a gay man. You know, just like the situation in Russia, but nothing that angered me.  According to USA Today, Steve Young, a direct descendent of Brigham Young, and his wife, Barbara will be keynoters at the Affirmation convention. Affirmation, if you don't know, is an organization of gay and lesbian Mormons who will be convening in Salt Lake City (!) next month. The Youngs had already made news in 2008 when a "No on 8" sign appeared on their lawn in Palo Alto despite the fact that the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints was spending millions of dollars supporting the proposition.

One thing about the Mormons. They understand public relations After they looked at the black eye that all that spending to support Prop 8 gave them, they quietly stopped spending money to oppose marriage equality. They were absent from the 2012 referenda, which made Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher VERY sad. This is even bigger news than a yard sign. When a prominent Mormon family supports an organization like this, it sends a message that a change in attitude toward LGBT Mormons is likely on its way. As Hank Plante, who is himself one of the first openly gay TV reporters in the United States, writes

Still, having Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young take such a prominent role in welcoming lesbian and gay church members is bound to push the issue even farther down the field.
Good news all around from this most American of American religious groups!

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TOP COMMENTS, August 16, 2013
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In my own VERY HIGH-PROFILE diary on a group of bigots flying under the radar (in fact, if you haven't read that one, you should do so now. I'll still be here when you get back) surfbird007 assessed the situation amazingly well.
ObserverinVancouver flagged hannah's comment about the Republican party's relationship to failure in Joan McCarter's diary about the grassroots and the Republican rebranding effort.
In Chrislove's diary about anincredibly homophobic councilwoman and her equally unelightened staff in San Antonio, htowngenie flagged a comment by TomP for pointing out that love is only confusing if you teach bigotry and hate..
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