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The sunshine is peeking through

I first and foremost want to thank folks for taking an interest and effort in Sara, Kate's and Aji and my diaries on two people..  We will start with Rachel.

Rachel, I talked  to  last night.  She is in the process of getting those teeth out as all of her abcesses have now cleared.   She starts with the oral surgeon the 30th.   She is set in place with dentures and her kidneys are functioning much better.   She has a place on her leg, a boil of sorts that is being treated and mending. The boil is  Probably from the poison that was in her body.  She sent me her book and for anyone who has not read "racheltracks', the book that is very well written by a young Rachel.   Please read it. The words are flowing and the memoirs are adventure filled for sure.   You can order it in the Kos catalog here at DK.  She was so appreciatve of all of the efforts made on her behalf and loves you all.

Michelle, (whatgodmade) did get her little boy in the Mental facility and she is very nervous but with a puter still down and a muffler still needing repair, she is putting her priorities in order for the little child.  We raised enough for some clothes and gas and repairs for her apartment but we no where reached out goal..Not even close.   She was very appreciative of the amount we got up.  She was  Very appreciative and hating having to depend on the community for help with gas  and other things for the kids.  I hated it as well because all people are so strapped but especially those of us on fixed incomes and children in school.  I KNOW she appreciated everything including gas as I ran out of gas myself yesterday.  

All three of us live in red states and people in red states for the most part don't care about you or your children but they insist you are doing a bad job if they don't dress, eat or have certain amenities that suit that interpretation of "WWJD" that is completely
wrong and I feel God can't write their names down fast enough.  

So many have asked and kosmailed me so I thought I would write this diary to say it was so helpful and a big thank you to all who sent wishes, ideas, blessings and change, big or small.  I handled the fundraiser for Schell and sent her the moneypack last Saturday before she had to make that horrible journey over 130 miles round trip.  
Sara oversaw  Rachel's diary  and Rachel was very thrilled as well.

I am not sure how Sara is doing..She is so closemouthed but I feel she is not faring that well.   Yes Sara, I have my sources.....so fess us if you need something.  

I am still trying to get my husband's meds and doctors figured out down here in Florida.

To all of you:  Rachel wanted  to individually write you and she may but I advised her to take it easy and just get ready for chompers and a valve repair job.  Michelle can't get online so I decided to pass her thanks on to you.  
Thanks for supporting these folks and Thank you as we are very fortunate to be able to come here, vent, get a well wish and see real news.   This community is like non other.

The sun is peeking through all these clouds but it does take time and too many of us know..these are very trying and hard times.  Thanks for the ray of sunshine in stormy skies.


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