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I was reading about Rand Paul and his take on the NSA programs.   Rand Paul is a scary dude IMO.  

Al Gore on the other hand, was an American dream IMO to what we are living in now.  Had there been a President Gore..a man who was light years ahead of climate change with his astounding 1988 book, " Earth in the Balance" was good for America.
Al Gore, the man who stood and denounced the Iraq war...was a good thing.
Al Gore who has spoken time and time again of the misguided people with voting in the party of no.
Now Al Gore has voiced his opinions of the NSA.
History will never write the truth about what happened in Florida.   The truth of Bush and company will be sold to the next three generations as a fearless Commander in Chief instead of the cowardly chickenhawk, evil, war monger and war criminal that he is.  

Al Gore brushed tears from his eyes as he stood and counted the electoral votes in 2001 KNOWING full well he WAS the President that was elected.  This is no time to bash Nader but a time to reflect just how far down the rabbit hole we have gone since Bush stole the presidency with the help of Sandra Day O'Connor and that clownish bunch who was supposed to be a separate power.

If the younger generations want to know how we got to all this overlord, Big Brother, out of control endless war on terror and disenfranchisment ..look no further than the 2000 election.  It seems like yesterday I buried my head on the couch and cried a million tears.  I felt an overwhelming sense of doom and destruction.  I felt we had just had democracy and a step backward into oblivion.  

I had not 3 months earlier been in a closed door meeting with the discussion of the Gore campaign at the Reagan building.  I felt like no one in the room had their finger on the pulse of what the common people wanted.  They were so concerned with numbers and making sure Clinton was not around.  They were setting up the Staples center and discussing how people had to make sure there were no unwanted contributors to the campaign.   They had no clue IMO of what the American people were looking for.  They were so afraid of scandal in any fashion they were not even open to my suggestion of a President Bartlett ( Martin Sheen) to be present at the convention as a sort of stand in.
They did use Martin Sheen and I was glad for that.   They basically had their heads up their butts when they picked Lieberman for a running mate because I do not believe that was a Gore idea.  I went to the rallys.  I worked on the campaign.  I had no idea that Bush had a snowball's chance in Hell of winning the primary much less the presidency.. which he didn't .  I remember Al Gore acting nothing like the person I met at the Evening on the Lawn's 10th anniversary celebration.  That Al was cool.  He was relaxed and friendly and joking around with Ted Kennedy.  He was hand in hand with Tipper and he was just a regular guy as he hugged Max Cleland and kissed him on the forehead.   I remember.  I have not lost my wits yet.  I clearly saw that Al Gore.  His wife was charming.  Tipper was taking pictures and we were taking pictures and then we giggled at taking pics of one another.   She was hanging out with the folks like Sen. Harkin and laughing at Sen. Kennedy's jokes.   I was there and I saw this.  I saw them moving to the music of Jose Feliciano and applauding wildly over Peter Yarrow of Peter Paul and Mary's rendition of " Don't laught at me".

I go forward to election night and they pulled Gore from the win in Florida and put Bush in that column.  My husband had told me when he saw Bush and Jeb talking on CNN  that it was over for Gore.  " Bush will steal it"...Those were my husband's words.
I had reported to the Gore campaign that Nassau county was having voter problems.  I was sitting in Georgia and had family calling in from Florida saying there were all kinds of problems down in Florida at 12:00 noon that day.

  Fast forward from the stealing of that presidency to where we are now.   We got two maybe three wars raging...We invaded a soverign nation, we got hundreds of thousands of dead soldiers and civilians, and we got Big Brother right up our butt with tax cuts for the wealthy, a patriot act, Citizens United, a huge part of the voting act cut, a severe depression ..a war on women and to hell with calling it an economic downturn . For some of us it is a depression.   We have tea party right winged extremists.. gun crazy fools with shootings every single day and a non functional government.  

I had hope in 08.  I did.   I had no idea that members of our own party would call us retarded and send in something Bush created ..Homeland Security to spy on it's people who dared to protest.  I feel that Gore must be carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders KNOWING he was supposed to govern this United States
and that with that election America would start unraveling.   See what he said about these things ...From the guardian..

Al Gore: NSA's secret surveillance program 'not really the American way'
Former vice-president – not persuaded by argument that program was legal – urges Congress and Obama to amend the laws


He had words for the invasion of Iraq...

Could not embed..but listen

I can only imagine how far the green would be with a Gore presidency.

I can only imagine how peaceful this country might be under a Gore presidency.
I even imagine two twin towers still standing as Bush was   so hated and hard headed , Richard Clark would not have been taken so lightly under a Gore presidency.
Well here we are.   I will NEVER get over that Nov in 2000 and neither will you or the rest of the world.   That was the night that not only the lights went out in Georgia.  That  was the night the lights went out on democracy.  That is one woman's opinion anyway.


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