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 photo post-office-puppy_zps609c594f.jpg

Today is D25 of the Berkeley Post Office Occupation. Honestly, I never believed it would go past D3 when we organized it, but here we are still.

A petite photoessay. Enjoy.


A Berkeley street kid and his puppy sit in on the Berkeley Post Office Defense meeting Monday evening, which takes place on the steps of the downtown Berkeley Post Office most evenings at 6:00 PM. Many have come, many have left. Let's hope these two stay.


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 photo post-office-postcard-tents_zps5847c3e2.jpg
Sandy, one of Occupy Oakland's premier graphic designers, created this postcard recently. Our banner isn't really that big, and our tents aren't quite that colorful, but hey, it's art! And what art!

 photo post-office-bill-sleeping_zpsc0fb8e26.jpg
Saturday late night, after an exciting day of music and song, and a false-alarm raid alert.  That's Bill, a Strike Debt Bay Area peep, diligent to the last, guarding the people's Post Officee.

 photo post-office-brian_zps6a78b375.jpg
Brian at his post at the Writing Table.
Neither snow nor rain nor heat stays Brian from his appointed seat.  
Mainly because it never snows or rains in Berkeley in August,
and the "heat" is downright pleasant most of the time.

 photo post-offce-waiting-flyer_zpsc1a42777.jpg

A flyer we are handing out to customers standing in line at our Post Office. Sometimes there are as many as twenty people in the lobby waiting for one or two tellers.

That's Ed sitting down closest to the screen. He brings moves. And food. Ed is very popular.

 photo po-in-tents-defense_zps81272152.jpg

We can't help ourselves. We sit around and make Postal Puns. Then we put them on banners. It's our nature. That's Kossack allie123 (@alyssa011968) front and center at one of our rallies, who's been tweeting up a storm (as usual) about what's happening. For the latest on the Berkeley Post Office and all things Haiti, follow her. She also took the pictures.

Update: Despite twenty Berkeley Police showing up late last night and arresting one of the campers, the Occupation remains. Check out Alyssa's twitter stream for details.

Video of the arrest here.



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