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Good Morning, It's August 20th, 2013

Mot should be here every morning @ 6:30 am

I liked this ladies poster from yesterday's Moral Monday rally in Charlotte


Man survives being hit by high speed train

Authorities were amazed to find Darryle See conscious and able to sit up after being hit by an Amtrak train barreling down the tracks at 110 miles per hour.

See, 22, of Michigan City, Ind., told officials he was jogging alongside the train tracks near his home with his headphones on, listening to music when he was hit Friday morning.

Officials were alerted to the accident after someone heard screaming near the train tracks. When they arrived, they found See lying in the tall grass, wearing only one shoe, Major John Boyd, spokesman for the LaPorte County Sheriff's Office, told ABCNews.com.


Boy crawls into claw machine

his young boy was enjoying the "Pinnacle" claw machine at a bowling alley arcade, but he may have gotten a bit too "into" the game.

The little blonde child crawled into the prize chute before his mom, who was less than pleased, caught him happily playing amongst the multi-colored bouncy balls.

"Stop it! You don't move," the mother shouted, pointing her finger at the little boy behind the glass.

He did as he was told, and luckily, the employees at the bowling alley unlocked the front panel of the machine to retrieve what his mother would consider the real prize out of the game.

The YouTube video capturing the event was  uploaded on Aug. 15 and already has more than 33,000 views.


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Chicago air show parachuter  proposes

You've heard the expression "taking the leap" to describe getting married.

But Staff Sergeant Dan Cook, of Loveland, Colo., took it to a whole new level as he parachuted out of a plane Saturday at the Chicago Air and Water Show, making a grand entrance to surprise girlfriend, Leah Angott, by asking for her hand in marriage upon arrival.

"It ended up being perfect because that's where we had our first date spot," Cook, 28, told. Cook decided to celebrate his last jump with the All Veteran Parachute Team before heading off to U.S. Navy flight school on Dec. 8 by marking the occasion with a truly huge memory.


Bo get's a sister

Bo & Sunny

Watch out, Bo — there's a new dog in town.

The White House says the Obamas have added a second dog to the first family. Her name is Sunny, and she's a Portuguese Water Dog — the same breed as the Obamas' other dog, Bo. The White House says that breed works well for the Obamas because of family allergies.

Sunny was born a year ago in June in Michigan and arrived at the White House Monday.


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