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Most us liberals are interested in debate and facts.  We enjoy the give and take of idea sharing and are willing to listen, and not 'snap-believe' every last, little thing we are being told.  We accept that change is inevitable and also realize that, quite possibly, embracing that change might be to our advantage and profit.

At least, that's what this liberal believes.

Conservatives?  Well, conservatives are conservatives and they will believe what they believe, unencumbered by facts or wisdom.  You know 'em... Conservatives!

IMHO, conservatives are idiots who refuse to listen to argument and are only interested in pissing me off.  They feel it's their duty to make me angry.  Why?  Well, it's all they got since they can't effectively argue their case or support their cause.  But with me, this no longer works.  And I'll tell you why...

I stopped talking to conservatives under the umbrella of facts.  If I’ve done my homework and come to my conclusions (on any matter), then I'm happy.  No longer is it my job to inform or educate the conservative, either in the wild or in captivity.  If they want to be taken seriously as adults then they need to start doing some of the things that adults do… like research, and admitting they might be wrong, or supporting their case with facts and evidence (horrors!).

But they’re conservatives, and when it comes to conservatives I already know the only fact that matters to me… they are not interested in facts.  And given that absolute truth, why bring them up?

Case in point… my brother, the conservative, is convinced that climate change is occurring (that he's just arrived at this conclusion is beside the point).  Is it because he’s done the research and accepted the bald facts of the matter?  Or has he heard some other pundit-conservative begrudgingly state “Yeah, it’s happening!”, and decided to move with the herd?  Actually, it’s neither of those reasons.  He can now accept that climate change is real because he’s come up with a solution that makes him feel that it’ll all be alright no matter what happens.  And it’s also a solution that allows him the luxury of not needing to change his wasteful, conservative habits, which is really his only goal in the matter.  His solution?  He is CONVINCED that soon science will perfect cold fusion and solve all our problems!  That he has no proof of this is beside the point... according to him it's going to happen, and it'll be alright!

It’s a typical conservative modus operandi:  I’m not going to change because I just don’t want to change, even if it hurts a bunch of other people, so fuck ‘em cause I’m going to be dead soon anyway, so let’s party and let the next generation clean up my mess! Besides, it'll all be alright, right?  Sure it will!

Conservatives!  Making it up as they go along, fabricating to the point of absolute belief whatever bat-shit craziness they deem to be the truth, just so they don’t have to change and can give the appearance that they've gotten their way.

So to add to my earlier statement:  Conservatives are not interested in facts, unless they support their extreme positions, even if they have to make up those facts (which mostly, they have to do, because, well, you know why!).

So I don’t speak with conservatives, under the aegis of specifics or with an attitude of anger.  And I certainly don’t ARGUE with conservatives on any matter.  I used to, but stopped when I learned this quote from Ghandi:

"Never Apologize For Being Correct.  Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth.  For being correct.  For being you.
“Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time.  If you're right and you know it, speak your mind.  Speak your mind.
“Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth."
What a golden truth!  And now my debates with conservatives consists of many simple variations on the following:

What you’re saying is wrong, and what I’m saying is right.  The facts are the facts and nothing you say will change that.  You want to know the facts, do the research and decide for yourself how you feel about this… But know this:  As of right now, I’m right, you’re wrong, and no amount of screaming on your part will change that.

End of discussion.

Conservatives… what a hoot!


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